By day, he works for an internet startup you may have heard of. By night, he sleeps soundly in his own bed. He doesn't fight crime unless he really can't avoid it.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
18 Robolock II Naja 3.69
17 Werewolf Sonata nagslang 3.85
14 Tomorrow, the World Bibron's burrowing asp. 2.97
13 Mutable Mamba mamba 3.98
12 Nine Tales of the Kitsune skaapsteker 3.75
11 Suspended Sentence Boomslang 3.73
9 Fox Assault Rinkhals 3.53

jerith's awards

The Game That Doesn't End - "One day I started playing it, not knowing what it was..." Presented by gummbum for Tomorrow, the World

The darcside Presented by davidfraser for Mutable Mamba

Most confounding boss battle Presented by mariofrog for Nine Tales of the Kitsune

Highest corpse-to-starship ratio in an adventure game Presented by gcewing for Suspended Sentence

I found an Easter Egg Presented by taejo for Suspended Sentence

PyPI In-A-Folder Award Presented by marciano for Suspended Sentence

At the tip of Africa Presented by davidfraser for Fox Assault