Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - new maze algo

Godspeed You! Mutated Maze

You have entered a maze full of ghosts and your friends. A mysterious fog is slowly mutating the maze and turning your friends into horrible ghosts. You've harnessed the power of the fog for your own mini-mutator to help you save your friends and reach the exit.


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Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 4.0

Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.5
sonneveld 2011/09/17 18:18
Screen Shot 2011-09-17 at 9.09.02 PM.png
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - new maze algo
sonneveld 2011/09/17 11:11
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.3
sonneveld 2011/09/16 14:34
Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 12.17.14 AM.png
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2 screenshot
sonneveld 2011/09/15 14:18
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2
sonneveld 2011/09/15 14:16
Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.1
sonneveld 2011/09/14 23:01
Initial Mutating Maze
sonneveld 2011/09/11 12:28

Diary Entries

First pyweek.

Right, so I've been meaning to participate in pyweek for years now. I'll see how much I can fit in around my full time job. Assuming I still go to bed at reasonable hours (I still have to be a productive employee), and taking into account other commitments, I might have
  • Sun: 8hrs
  • Mon: 2hrs
  • Tues/Wed: 0 hrs
  • Thur: 2hrs
  • Fri: 2-3 hrs?
  • Sat: 10 hrs?
  • Sun: 6 hrs?
so about 31 hours.. or just over 4 workdays. I could probably get away with a few extra hours on Friday/Sat night since I won't have work the next day.

I still haven't decided if I will be using pygame or pyglet.. I'm not sure what the support for macos is for either so I might need to experiment before the competition starts.

Todo before the challenge starts:
  • Get pygame and pyglet running on my mac
  • Go through the list of suggested themes and think of some game ideas.
  • Attempt to write some lame games in both pygame and pyglet.
  • Read How to be Successful at Pyweek.


Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - initial concept

Right, after a lot of procrastination, I have the beginnings of my mutating maze:

Next step is to add things like pickups, enemies, title screen, a score, sounds and somethng more interesting for the mutation mechanic.  Currently you can move the semitransparent square around with the mouse. Each maze mutation will always create a perfect maze but maybe I need to change that to make it more interesting.

I decided to use pygame since it seems to be the most compatible and I am probably going to have very simple graphics.  I like the idea of restricting colours to just the EGA palette but we'll see if that gets boring or not.


Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - There's kind of a game there now! (upload)

Okay this is the beginnings of a game.  Have a go if you like, all criticism welcome.

We have:
- a randomly generated maze
- pacman-like movement
- a key/lock to win (more to come I guess)
- a mysterious fog that will randomly mutate the maze (i'll add in more of a warning.)
- a title and win screen!

stuff I might take out:
- the giant who runs across the maze. its hard to figure out how he doesn't destroy other people who you might want to save
- the ability to mutate the maze, maybe just rely on the fog

stuff to add:
- enemies
- score
- people to collect/save
- more with the mutating fog mechanic.

up,down,left,right - controls
mouse left click - mutate selected portion of the maze.
esc - exit

Download link: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.1


Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2 - Now with beginnings of other mobs (+upload)

Right, I've added people in the game which you can collect to "save".  They'll follow you around until you get to the end. I started adding enemies who will chase you down if they see you but they currently don't harm you, only join your party. :)  Also fixed bug where the game will crash if you hit the 'g' key.  I will start to add more of a mutation mechanic to the mobs next.

Download link: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2


Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.3 - More fog (+upload)

Not much done tonight.  changes include:

- on maze mutation, teleport any mobs covered by fog, even ones in your party. If a mob is teleported, it will change into an enemy or vice versa
- maze mutation will change colour
- enemies will pause before chasing you
- fog flashing for a warning.

Download link: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze

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Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - only 13 hrs to go

I feel that even if I didn't add anything else, I would still have a halfway decent game now.  I still need to add sounds, scores and other challenges but at least now I don't have to stress so much about getting it finished.

So far today I added death (and the ability to use your team members as extra lives) as well as changing the maze generation algorithm to remove any deadends.  This is extremely helpful in evading unfriendly mobs.  Unfortunately it does leave these weird 'rooms' in the map but I think they look okay.


Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.4 - potential final (+upload)

I have uploaded this version marked as final just in case I don't have time to add anything else.

Download: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze

- sounds!
- level progression
- charge bar for mutator ability
- scores!
- time limits!
- different maze algorithm
- death and gameover screens

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Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - probably finished now

Uploaded a new release with instructions and some bugfixes. Off to bed.  I wish everyone goodluck in the last few hours of development.

Download Link: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.5

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