Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - only 13 hrs to go

I feel that even if I didn't add anything else, I would still have a halfway decent game now.  I still need to add sounds, scores and other challenges but at least now I don't have to stress so much about getting it finished.

So far today I added death (and the ability to use your team members as extra lives) as well as changing the maze generation algorithm to remove any deadends.  This is extremely helpful in evading unfriendly mobs.  Unfortunately it does leave these weird 'rooms' in the map but I think they look okay.

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Wow, is the cloud a static bitmap or generated? This is starting to look a lot of fun!

Tip for taking pretty screenshots on a Mac: ⌘⇧4 then Space then click on the window. It's the craziest keyboard shortcut but the results are worth it.
The clouds are statically generated using a the cloud generator in pixelmator then using a threshold filter.  I did look at perlin noise generators etc but I worried it would be a time sink.

Also thanks for the screenshot tip!