First pyweek.

Right, so I've been meaning to participate in pyweek for years now. I'll see how much I can fit in around my full time job. Assuming I still go to bed at reasonable hours (I still have to be a productive employee), and taking into account other commitments, I might have
so about 31 hours.. or just over 4 workdays. I could probably get away with a few extra hours on Friday/Sat night since I won't have work the next day.

I still haven't decided if I will be using pygame or pyglet.. I'm not sure what the support for macos is for either so I might need to experiment before the competition starts.

Todo before the challenge starts:

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Welcome to PyWeek! And good thinking — last time I only discovered Pyglet didn't work on Snow Leopard when I started coding the game :). (Looks like the repository head works now! I had to start Python with 'arch -i368 python' to get AVbin to work as well.)

And as for me, I'll be on holidays 5 days out of the 7. We'll see how much coding I can get in between sailing and diving and partying :).
The last Pyglet version is the 1.1.4 and works fine in Linux Mint Katya. I have windows xp but i dont have a Mac. I hope that works fine.
welcome, and good luck!
That 10 hours on Sat looks scary. I mean, I have done 10 hr days on pyweek in the past, but I don't have great memories of the toll my body took from those days :) Sometimes doing more with less can work better. But everyone has their own process that works for them, so good luck and be sure to have fun!
I may be slightly optimistic with time but there will be plenty of breaks. :)

In regards to libraries, I have pygame running on my macbook now.  Pyglet sorta works but it didn't seem to want to load libavbin.dylib from the current directory.