Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - initial concept

Right, after a lot of procrastination, I have the beginnings of my mutating maze:

Next step is to add things like pickups, enemies, title screen, a score, sounds and somethng more interesting for the mutation mechanic.  Currently you can move the semitransparent square around with the mouse. Each maze mutation will always create a perfect maze but maybe I need to change that to make it more interesting.

I decided to use pygame since it seems to be the most compatible and I am probably going to have very simple graphics.  I like the idea of restricting colours to just the EGA palette but we'll see if that gets boring or not.

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Wow, I love the idea. It's elegant in its simplicity!
I'm curious what you mean by perfect maze? It does seem that you can get to any edge (presumably where the exit would be) so I'm guessing that's what it might be. Is there a name for the algorithm you are using to generate the maze?

Looks cool, keep up the good work :)
@nqe a 'perfect' maze in this case means a maze with one and only one path from any point to another point. That way there is always a solution.  I'm fairly sure the algorithm I'm using is a variation of Kruskal's algorithm, there are details about halfway down this page.
Thanks for clarification!