Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2 - Now with beginnings of other mobs (+upload)

Right, I've added people in the game which you can collect to "save".  They'll follow you around until you get to the end. I started adding enemies who will chase you down if they see you but they currently don't harm you, only join your party. :)  Also fixed bug where the game will crash if you hit the 'g' key.  I will start to add more of a mutation mechanic to the mobs next.

Download link: Godspeed You! Mutated Maze v0.2

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Your game looks nice, but I can't play it. :(

I got a traceback exactly 14s after I pressed the space key.


I already had this one with the v0.1.
ahah, I suspect its because you're running Debian and Debian is still using pygame 1.8 (I think only testing is using 1.9).

To make it work with your version, change the line
"main.py", line 456, in mutate
  if c.a > 0:

if c[3] > 0:

I'll fix it for next release so it works in both versions.