PyWeek - Godspeed You! Mutated Maze - feedback

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3 4 4

Using the mouse to shoot was a bit awkward.

2 3 3

Foggy! Did like the dragging behind guys/keys when u picked them up, nice effect.

2 3 4

I ran out of time, but it didn't warn me about that in advance. These dudes I rescued didn't seem very grateful. I want a reward.

3 4 5

Nice and retro game :)

4 4 5

Really cool concept, and quite good gameplay. I found the control behaviour
somewhat unintuitive, but that's my only real quibble.

3 4 4


3 3 3

nice game ;)

3 3 1

This needs a catchy chiptune.

4 5 5

I though this was a very well executed game with a very nice interpretation of the theme.

I would like to see this concept expanded upon and made more complex

3 4 4

I think I would have preferred a key press that mutated the maze near the player rather than the mouse.

5 4 5

Awesome! You took an innovative mechanic with the mutating maze and built a fun game on top of it. I liked how you could choose to go around collecting allies or just hoof it to the exit yourself. And you could just solve the maze as it was, or try to mutate it for your own ends. I can't think of anything I would change about this game. Maybe some music.

3 3 4

Nice take on the maze game. I quite enjoyed playing this.

The game screen is a bit too small, which makes it tricky to differentiate between goodies and baddies. Also, I found the "move until you hit a wall" mechanic frustrating. I'd much prefer to be moving only while I'm holding the button, so I don't accidentally run into baddies all the time.

3 3 4

A nice, unique game. It's minute on my massive monitor, though :)

4 4 3

I'm a fan of the pacman maze game. This is a good one, and an uncommon take on the theme.

I would really like to see it upscaled, though. The friends and ghosts were too small and the turns too tight for my fuzzy vision. For now I guess I can just hack it to get fullscreen.

That is a really nice intro/help screen. Thanks for taking the time to do it. MUCH more enjoyable than reading a text file. :)

I hope you plan to keep working on it. If you do, give us some music! Great job.

3 3 4

Interesting. Nothing awe-inspiring, but interesting.

4 3 3

Cute little game!

4 3 4

cool idea.

2 3 3

Interesting. Would be more enjoyable if the graphics were less teensy-weensy, though.

5 5 4

This is such a great game! I keep playing over and over.

4 3 4

Simple, fun, and creative, and it works as expected. Great job!

3 3 4

This game looks like fun. Mutating the maze with the mouse makes it way to easy to beat. Maybe just automutation?

3 4 5

Really good idea.

4 4 4

very nice game, IMO too hard

5 5 5

One of my fav.

3 3 5

I found this entry really fun and really enjoyed it for a couple of goes after I managed to get used to the controls, but each subsequent level I played after didn't feel that different to the previous - I'd worked out how to beat the game at that point. I think add in some more variation and you'll have a killer game here. :)