some call me cody
others call me a nerd


PyWeek Game Team Rating
34 the wrong planet 2.72
32 Mother steps never poison sushi DNF
29 Butterfly game DNF
28 platfromer 2.71
22 Infinite Forest 1.44
20 Packets 2.94
16 Mr Octopus and his quest to get back to the Ocean 2.76
14 Bottle of Awesomeness 2.67
13 Mutate! 2.11
12 jetpak guy 1.95
11 The Blob 2.19

Cody's awards

Safely travelling to Mars while hiding behind the window corner Presented by thp for

The "Piet Mondrian" award for minimalist use of lines and colours. Presented by ntoll for platfromer

LHC Award for the Largest Event Loop Presented by hodgestar for jetpak guy

Silver Insanity Presented by stycchio for jetpak guy