Final "game"

Infinite Forest

Hopefully I have enough time to do this between uni and whatnot.


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Overall: 1.4
Fun: 1
Production: 1.3
Innovation: 2

75% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 3


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yeah but this time it has a readme
Cody 2016/09/11 00:38
Final "game"
Cody 2016/09/11 00:28
Obviously not done, but I thought I'd upload it anyway
Cody 2016/09/11 00:27

Diary Entries

And it's over

As I very much expected, I had very limited time this week. I wasn't able to get the game anywhere near completion, but I was super happy with what I did get done. I wrote 300 lines of code and I just have moving and collisions, but damn they're nice. I worked really hard to get consistently smooth movement, as well as collisions that made sense, which I think I achieved. There's still a single bug (that I know of) in which you can jump up into a corner and get stuck for a moment, but I would have got that fixed if I had another hour. I'll probably use this as my base for next pyweek, try and get an actual game with it.