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You and your species are on a picnic. Suddenly the sand turns red and your speicies mutates! luckily you manage to avoid it. But the rest of your speicies wants to kill you. There is no other choice. There is no other way. You must kill them all! But fortunately you get random powerups so it's not all that bad :)


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Overall: 2.1
Fun: 2.2
Production: 2.1
Innovation: 2

34% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 15


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the final game!
Cody 2011/09/17 22:07
menu screen.png
you should rate this game 5/5
Cody 2011/09/17 04:49
cool game, you should give it 5/5
Cody 2011/09/16 08:09