Screenshot of final game!

Smooth Jazz Tower Defence

Team of graduate developers at Atlassian.

From our game's readme:

This is a tower defence game with a twist: creeps mutate! The game uses a genetic algorithm to select the best creeps and breed them together. A little bit of mutation is thrown in for a bit of spice, just like in evolution.

For both creeps and turrets, colours signify the specialties:

  • Red: health
  • Blue: armour
  • Green: speed

A good first strategy is to place one of each turret at the start of the map.

To place a turret, click its icon from the right side of the screen. Hover your cursor over a bright red square and click.

Sit back, relax and let the smooth jazz sooth your soul.

I've uploaded a video of our final game to YouTube.

If you're on Linux or Mac, download the source distribution and read the README.

If you're on Windows, download the binary.


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
Final Linux/Mac/source version
pufuwozu 2011/09/18 22:44
Final Windows version
pufuwozu 2011/09/18 00:27
Screenshot of final game!
pufuwozu 2011/09/17 22:55
Night of day 6 for blog post
pufuwozu 2011/09/16 12:33
Morning of day 4 for blog post
pufuwozu 2011/09/13 22:39
Morning of day 3 for blog post
pufuwozu 2011/09/12 22:42

Diary Entries

Day #1 and #2

Today is the morning of day #3. I thought I'd quickly write about the first 2 days.

Day #1 - Sunday

We're a team of co-workers at Atlassian. Sunday was our weekend so we were all pretty busy with other things. Shortly after the theme announcement (10am), I committed a "Hello World" Pyglet app to our repository so that we had a place to start from.

The rest of the day was just writing some ideas on our internal wiki.

Day #2 - Monday

Some of us got together on Monday night to talk about ideas. We decided on creating a tower defence game but the enemies are based on genetic algorithms.

Enemies will have 3 attributes:
  • Health
  • Armour
  • Speed

Towers will be able to attack different amounts of each attribute. The fitness function will be how far the enemy gets.

We think that this will challenge that player to try and balance their tower defence strategy while also trying to attack the enemies in the best way.

I got home and started writing a bit of the rendering and game loop code. This is what I have as of this morning:

(Accidentally posted this as a Message rather than a Team Diary Entry - woops)

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Day #3

Day #3 and we have:
  • Some buttons on the right (non-functional)
  • Ability to place down "towers"
  • Creeps that spawn and slowly scroll up the screen

Hopefully by night #4:
  • Creeps will spawn randomly (and in bounds)
  • Towers will shoot at the creeps
  • Creeps will start being generated using a genetic algorithm

Wish us luck!

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Night #6

Day #6

Second last day. We have:
  • Creeps being where they should be
  • Homing bullets killing the creeps
  • Turrets that aim for the closest creep

Tomorrow is Saturday so we're going to get together and try to finish the game off. Wish us luck!



Thanks everyone for the fun time!

We spent almost all of yesterday putting the final touches on the game. Tweaking balance took a very long time. I think we did pretty well, though.

I've uploaded a video of our final game to YouTube.

If you're on Linux or Mac, download the source distribution and read the README.

If you're on Windows, download the binary.

Make sure you rate us!

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