PyWeek - Gladlassian - feedback

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2 2 2

unfortunately no TD strategic options, like builing the right tower at the right place.

3 3 4

Without the hints for starting strategy, I don't think I'd have got very far

3 2 4

Like the concept, and it's quite challenging. The implementation feels a bit simplistic, though.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 4 4

the first level is pretty difficult and the learning curve seems to be high. nice graphics and
presentation, though.

3 3 3

I liked it. Needs something more: maps, levels, missions, episodes, whatever you want to call them. Fancier gfx.

Balance can be very difficult. You did a good job with that. When I used poor tactics it was game over fast. When I used better tactics I hung in there a while. Nice.

4 2 1

no innovative, but damn do i like tower defense games :)

4 4 4

Nice art. Segfaults sometimes, and seems to crash at the end of every game.

3 2 4

I really liked the idea for this game but i would have like it to be a bit more complete, in terms of balance (to hard at the start then too easy) as well as some kind of way to keep track of how you are going

4 3 4

Needs more levels!

4 3 3

Is it a crash to desktop, or did I lose the level? Also explaninig green=speed, blue=armour red=health should have been on the ingame help/info screen :P

3 3 3

I think the concept had a lot of potential but it was less fun than I expected. The idea just needed fleshing out and refinement perhaps.

4 4 3

Not a bad game, but lacks polish. As far as I can tell, there's no win condition and only one level.

The interface needs a bit of work. There's no indication of what the various towers cost. Some shortcut keys for selecting towers to place would be nice, too.

2 3 3

Works alright until enemies that move faster than your bullets appear. Then you lose. Also, sticking 1 of each kind at the start doesn't actually work.

3 4 2

I don't think the genetic algorithm benefits the game at all. The player won't notice it unless they read the description. It is interesting in theory though, so I'll chalk it up to production :). But the player will only see a pretty bland tower defense game unfortunately. With cool dynamic jazz!

3 4 3

cool music!

4 3 4

Very nice.

The tower defense lover in me was irked to find I couldn't upgrade my towers, nor did they have enough range to target all the lanes. But I stuck it out and had a good time.

3 4 2

Nice job, I found it hard to beat the first level, but I like the retro feel of this game. Would have liked the cannons to shoot the creeps closest to the exit rather than the closest ones to them. I like how colorful the game is.

2 4 3


3 3 3

The graphics are pretty simplistic, but it plays smoothly and the controls work well. I tried
several times and I could never last more than a minute or two. I think maybe the difficulty is
set a little too high....

3 3 3

Decent Tower defense game. Well done!

3 4 2

yet another tower defence :) too difficult, but nice music

3 5 3

jazz is good :)

3 4 4

This game seem smoooth but it's increadibly hard to beat. Do they really mutate?