Nanobiotics - Windows standalone - Mac OS X standalone

A dual-stick shooter set within the HEART, MIND AND STOMACH. You are the culmination of decades of nanotechnology research. Fight off hordes of nasty bacteria and viruses as you protect your host from infection.

Gamepads are encouraged! But keyboard and mouse works in a pinch!


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.5
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 2.8

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 23


File Uploader Date
Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 2.06.11 AM.png
sixthgear 2011/09/18 09:07
Nanobiotics - Source
sixthgear 2011/09/18 06:07
Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 10.22.53 PM.png
Final Build
sixthgear 2011/09/18 05:45

Diary Entries

Any Issues running the game?

Hey there judges! Just wanted to check if there are any technical issues launching the game with either the mac/win standalones or the src distribution. Please let me know!