Any Issues running the game?

Hey there judges! Just wanted to check if there are any technical issues launching the game with either the mac/win standalones or the src distribution. Please let me know!

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I had a lot of trouble getting started on Windows until I realized all the dependencies were easy to install on Python 2.6.  So if you are on windows, save yourself some trouble and install python 2.6, temporarily rename your python 2.5 directory if you have one, replace c:\python25 with c:\python26 in the system PATH environment variable, and install all the dependencies listed in the README. I renamed my 2.5 directory because windows wanted to look in it to find the ctypes library.  Probably a path issue, but I didn't want to spend too much time debugging, I wanted to get the game to work :)  Also worth mentioning that I didn't get it working with Python 2.7 because rabbyt didn't have an obvious download for it and installing it from source didn't seem to work.  In short, just use python 2.6.
Theres also a windows and mac executables for download on our entry page which identical to the source version except that it includes all the dependencies. I, probably in error, opted not to include this version as "final" thinking that only the source distribution should be designated as such.

So if you have any problems with deps, and are on windows or mac, please try these!
The README mentions a source version with the dependencies included for Linux. Is this still expected to happen?
GCC is puking on the install script for lepton ... game doesn't want to run without it ...