PyWeek - Spacelab Six - Mutate - feedback

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4 5 3

The graphics are beautiful, as are the particle effects. And I like the music too, especially
on the heart level. So production gets 5 stars for me. The game itself has no real innovations in
terms of gameplay. And while the bad guys do sorta "mutate", this doesn't really affect
gameplay. It's still fun; the controls are smooth and things work as you'd expect. Another
thing is that the bosses were way too easy, much easier than beating the little viruses etc
before. Kinda anti-climatic.

4 5 3

Very nice! I was about to give up on this entry and mark it Not working, but then I found the windows binary distribution :)

5 5 3

Grid wars? :p

1 1 1 yes

GCC is puking on the install script for lepton ... game doesn't want to run without it ...

4 4 4

Ah, this is satisfying: high-speed auto-fire, kickass power-ups, a nimble ship, juicy particle effects. Very cool combat music. Who knew the stomach was such a battlefield!

4 3 3

Decent little shooter game.

4 5 3

A fun game.

5 5 1

Awesome game, Awesome Graphics, um mutate?

1 4 1

It's a pain in the ass to have to retrieve and compile an obscure library in order to have this game working (I'm talking about lepton).

Why can't we use only the keyboard OR the mouse? It's really annoying to have to use both. And I will not talk about the bad choice for displacement keys.

Can someone explain me why the hell this game captures the cursor and does not release it when we try to go out its window?

I don't see real innovation in this game and I don't think it's a funny game.

2 5 3

Looks beautiful and runs very smoothly, but it's far too hard for me to have much fun, sorry.

5 5 4

Wow, great job! When I had to install Lepton I was like, this better be worth it, but it totally was! The particle effects were amazing even on my slow computer. The way the enemies got bigger and uglier and more aggressive after they got shot was a nice touch. The waves toward the end of each level were really hard. Because the powerups were timed, I would kill all but one enemy and wait around for a one-up and some good firepower before I killed it and advanced to the next wave. Compared to the waves, the bosses were really easy.

3 5 3

Looks very nice (particles for teh win) but seems rather hard to beat.

4 5 3

Really nicely done. Bit hard with a keyboard, mouse, and my brain, though...

3 5 3

Stunning graphics. Really like the feel of the ship controls. Fun was killed for me by the slow rate of fire and the difficulty of telling whether a shot would hit.

3 4 3

Not a huge amount of scope to this game, but fairly fun as far as it went.

Please, please, please, don't steal my mouse on the title screen. I can forgive you locking my cursor into the game screen while I'm playing, but not at the menu.

3 4 1 yes

Fantastic production! The game is fun too, although the absolute lack of anything new limits
the fun factor as well.

4 4 3

Would be nice if more indication that bomb went off. Progress indicator?

2 4 2

The game has a beatiful look, and it is very polished. I think you didn't put a lot of "theme" in it, since the enemy "mutation" is not the key of the gameplay. Also the levels, even if the shape changes, are pretty similar.
Good game, but you should improve those aspects.

3 5 3

Beautiful graphics, great production, good ideas. First level is way too hard! Also had to install a lot of dependencies. Fun, though, and could be great with a more gradual entry into the environment.

3 4 3


4 4 3

nice game, go ahead ;)

4 5 3

Nice Graphics, Nice controls, Nice music, and Nice feel.

3 4 3

Asteroids/Geometry Wars/<others> type of game. Controlles are very good and gameplay is very smooth. Descent graphics. Some additional sound would have been nice. Many particles!
The mutate theme wasn't used mcuh and is not really of importance.

- Enemey tactics could vary a little bit more. I think some are chasing you harder or are at least faster than others, but tactics like trying to get in front of you would make the gameplay much more interesting.
- Power ups are very cool but don't last very long. I think it would be more fun to make them a little bit weaker but let them last much longer.
- Bosses are a little boring, but look good :)

3 4 2

While the game isn't exactly innovative, it's enjoyable, and the graphics, sounds, and the
overall thing is really polished. The amount of dependencies and the chosen keys (WASD) made
it a pain to run, though (installing the dependencies, and changing my keymap. I shouldn't
have to do the later).

3 4 2

Neat little shooter, hard to play and considering it's not my favorite type of game. Looks very polished though, congratulations. The dependencies were a little annoying at first and I had a 100% CPU usage but nothing happens bug (linux64..)