PyWeek Game Team Rating
34 Space Chopper! Team SparkleMotion 3.95
13 Mustache Day 2.52
10 Alpha Dawg Alpha Dawg DNF
10 Sparklemotion Sparklemotion DNF
9 A Murder of Crows A Murder Of Crows 3.68
8 Bregma Bregma 3.47

FatHat's awards

BALD, BALD, MY EYES!!! Presented by Pykemon010 for Space Chopper!

Grazy Spinning Pilot Presented by Jeb for Space Chopper!

Nice Mustache Presented by mutron for Mustache Day

Exotic Library Presented by nitrofurano for A Murder of Crows

BREEEEGMAAAA! Presented by pymike for Bregma

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for Bregma

What is going on here? Presented by shundread for Bregma

Innovative File Structuring Presented by shundread for Bregma