mauve's entries

23 A Death at Sea
21 Lost Colony Wasabi Root 3.87
20 Wasabi 20 DNF
19 Legend of Goblit 4.29
18 Bits of Eight Bits of Eight 3.21
17 Moonbase Apollo Moonbase Apollo 3.71
16 Warlocks Wasabi/Idli 3.39
15 Last Train to Nowhere Last Train to Nowhere 3.67
14 Dr Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid 4.06
13 Monster Mechanics Perceptibly Sideways 3.77
12 Art Attack Team Wasabi 3.75
10 Bamboo Warrior 3.31

mauve's awards

Floating beds! Presented by DR0ID for Wasabi Root

I am your father! Presented by grummi for Wasabi Jam

Alas, poor Yorick! Presented by mit-mit for Wasabi Jam

The Wet Fish Presented by dholth for Wasabi Jam

"Road Less Travelled" award for packaging Presented by scav for Wasabi/Idli

Vector animation extravaganza Presented by Cosmologicon for Last Train to Nowhere

Time Flies When You're Having Fun Presented by kakarotsan for Mauvesoft Wasabi

Most accidental phallic imagery Presented by ikanreed for Mauvesoft Wasabi

Most perfect tease award - I wanted to play this game soo badly until exception: AttributeError Presented by mihi for Perceptibly Sideways

I forwarded a port in my router just for you. Presented by superjoe for Team Wasabi

Gold Award for Ninja Concentration Presented by Strings for Mauvesoft

4100x2500 ought to be small enough for anybody Presented by adrwen for Mauvesoft