PyWeek Game Team Rating
13 Shroomgobbler Multiverse Factory 13 3.48
12 Fractured Soul Multiverse Factory 3.79
11 Caught on Picture Alpha Place DNF
10 Waggle __pyweekings__ 3.05
8 pekujdr0idwork pekujdr0idwork 3.33
6 Fish Slappers Fish Slappers DNF
4 Fluffy Menace Fluffy Menace 3.63
3 Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies 3.31
2 Trip on the Funny Boat Trip on the Funny Boat 3.92

JDruid's awards

Nice hat Presented by Cosmologicon for Shroomgobbler

Zebedee Prize for Monopodal Locomotion Presented by gcewing for Shroomgobbler

Voldemort Prize for Spiritual Subdivision Presented by gcewing for Fractured Soul

Protagonist Most Likely To Love the Powerglove Presented by mstrange for Fractured Soul

My eyes are burning Presented by shundread for Waggle

Made me sick award! Presented by bencoder for Waggle

__A1 alphabestical team name!! Presented by illume for Waggle

The Most Trippy Award Presented by ciaran.mooney for Waggle

Can hear the lambdas talking Presented by T-002 for

Angry Neighbors Award Presented by pymike for

John Munch Conspiracy Award - Two games with Lawn & Order AND they both involve throwing? Conspiracy! Presented by ZeroByte for