Day 5 results



Hungriest Venus Fly Trap
Presented by snowangle

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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 1.8
Production: 2.6
Innovation: 2.1

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 25


File Size Uploader Date
Final version 0.1
159.5 KB jbdk 2011/09/17 14:33
Day 5 results
11.0 KB jbdk 2011/09/15 06:13

Diary Entries

Day 5

Level 1 is about to be completed. Background graphics needs to be updated. The game is now playable.

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Day 3-4

We finished the game design, and we finally started making "artwork" and coding a bit :-) Still, there is a major problem with the game play, so it's back to the drawing board...

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