First background for test.


Hi :). My first time. I hope make a good game in a week.


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Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.6

13% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 19


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Final submission
dotteri 2011/09/17 23:56
first screenshot thunbnail
dotteri 2011/09/12 10:27
First background for test.
dotteri 2011/09/11 16:19

Diary Entries

First diary entry

-Download and extract skellington1.9.
-Rename the directory to game name.
-Init git repository. I can use mercurial, but i will give a try to git.
-Listening music for inspiration ;p.
-Start game design.

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stale-block negation

For the game that im designing is a good idea the "stale-block" negation. A idea inspired from the Super Smash Bros stale-move negation. The player will be obligated to used different blocks. I hope that you will see the idea.


mutantris, game development screenshot

Name revealed: mutantris. Too original :p. Isn't a ordinary tetris.
Here testing the rendering engine. Is useful the pyglet batch for render the blocks. Also im using numpy for fast array manipulation.

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tetris main theme - Korobeiniki

"Tetris main theme" is a russian folk song. I hope that i can use the "tetris main theme"  downloaded from internet.


Blocks finally mutate

Well, the blocks finally mutate ^^. In mutantris you can choose any block type: O, I, S, Z, T, J and L. Yeah, you think that you can pick I always for earn a lot of points. Ha... thanks to the "stale-block negation" you can't earn points doing this. >:P

P.D.: Ah! Finally i have a microphone that works!! I can hum the "tetris theme" and use it in the game.

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8 hours...

Ufff, gameplay is ready... It's time for final touch! >:( I hope have the game ready. The game doesn't have fancy graphics.

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No hum main theme

Sorry, i need practice and time for edit my voice :(. Instead i've rendered a midi file to a soundfile.

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Mutant! Game Over

It's judging time >.<. I dont think that i can get a nice score in production... :S