Somewhere far away colours have suddenly become brighter and subtlety has died. Welcome to the land of Zeta... Includes 48 rooms!


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.6
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.3

Respondents: 25


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Renamed folder: now called Zeta not Pyweek
john 2011/09/18 22:01
john 2011/09/17 23:32
john 2011/09/17 22:48
Quicksand = dangerous...or useful depending
john 2011/09/16 15:49
john 2011/09/14 06:07
john 2011/09/13 07:04

Diary Entries

At least I can prepare this time...

Last pyweek I started coding what I felt was a really cool game on Saturday night oblivious that it was pyweek the next day. I ended up starting a day late and having to shelve my old game for a bit with absolutely no preparation. This pyweek I can work solidly from Sunday-Saturday plus preparing for the different themes.
Hopefully my addiction for VVVVVV won't stop me competing though...

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End of (coding) Day 1

Due to some stupid bugs that I had then today has been relatively unproductive. Pretty much all I have is a base map class and a base player class and some collision stuff (which wasn't working properly because of redundant code that I forgot to delete).

So I guess targets for tomorrow are to:

1) Stop my eyes bleeding, lets get some better art in
2) Code in mutate boxes
3) Checkpoints

Long term targets:

1) Make lots of levels
2) Balance
3) Add cutscenes
4) Online highscores (can I use PHP for the only part)
5) Add story

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End of Day 2 Progress

Ok, today I didn't have any major collision detection issues (I've managed to discover one issue but that's pretty rare anyway). This allowed me to pretty much focus the whole of today on content, and I now have about four rooms totally finished. A bit of balancing needs to be done on certain aspects (eg the spikes), but again, that's balancing not bugs.

One major bug that needs fixing is that returning to a checkpoint on death crashes the game if it's in a different room. This is kinda unfortunate as one or two of the game mechanics rely on that working.

Todo for tomorrow:

* Saving
* Fix a collsion bug
* Change flyer movement
* Add badguys

For the rest of this week is also looks kinda like this:

* Add sounds
* Add music
* Add loads of music



Wow, that was an intense final day. Tomorrow/the coming week I'll upload a video on how to win it incase you struggle and a room guide incase you get lost.

To those of you who try it...good luck!

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Map of Zeta Produced

I have, after much negotiation, managed to get rights from the Contrast Corporation to deliver you a map of the land of Zeta. It contains the all the room shapes and coin positions.

I am still working on gaining access to map which contains the name of each section of the map, stay tuned...

Map of Zeta

EDIT: I have been granted permission to access and share the map containing the room names. This is viewable by clicking the link below.

Rooms of Zeta