PyWeek - Zeta - feedback

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5 4 3

I won! :D

3 3 4

Looks promising and could be fun given more production values (ie, more time) But yeah its not fun with spikes dying 500 times 5 screens in :(

4 5 4

Wow! so hard! Lot's of fun, good job.

4 5 4

Jumps get a little too hard too fast :-)

3 3 3

Decent little platformer. Some nice little puzzles, although some of the levels are do require an annoying amount of concentration.

4 3 3

I'm not a big fan of platformers, but this one seemed nice.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 4 4

Cool concept. Red stars of death are not fun

4 4 4

Really nice platformer. I think want the game needs to up it that final notch is a little more story to the levels (not necessarily dialogue, Just a feeling that one is progressing and on the right track).

1 3 3

I could not get far enough to enjoy the game. The margin for error was just too small. If you dumb it down or offer an easy mode I will retry.

4 3 4

Cool. Very similar in style and gameplay to VVVVVV, which I love. The one thing that let it down was the abundance of impossible jumps. A lot of these just seem unfair since I *should* be able to just jump through the gap, but because I always jump too high I have to do it in a strange way so I hit the ceiling at the right point. The first time I encountered one of these (very early in the game) I was very confused. The checkpoint placement is mostly good, but some rooms don't have them which can be annoying when you need to keep retrying the same jump.

I didn't realise at first that I was meant to be collecting the coins, so was confused when the game branched off into multiple directions. I think this should have been pointed out earlier.

I got stuck in the level that has a tunnel at the bottom middle and lots of breakable bricks above it. I thought maybe there was a hidden coin under there, but ended up digging myself into a hole. Might have been a good idea to add a restart level button.

2 3 3

toooooo difficult, dying wasn't the primary goal, right?

5 4 4

Sadly, I lack the reflexes to get very far in this game. It would be nice if the checkpoints
changed state to indicate which was active. That's about all I can complain about, really.

4 3 2

Your VVVVVV addiction did not stop you from making a game. It did stop you from making a game around the Mutate! theme though and caused you to make a VVVVVV clone. It's not too bad. The level designs are a bit boring after a while, but the world has a decent size and a few rooms are pretty tricky (I liked Bounce-A-Lot). The possibility of crashes and no saving deter the player from investing much time though.

4 5 4

Really needs a map, and less reliance on cheap deaths. Still well done.

4 3 3

man i'm a sucker for exploration games and you seem to have a bit of a vvvvvv influence here. :)

5 5 4

Nice. That is some top-notch level design. I had a whole lot of fun playing this game. I would play through again, definite replay value. I would have liked the ability to save my game, but other than that I don't have any complaints! Keep up the good work. :)

4 4 2

Hm, I've been harsh on the Innovation mark... but I had too! You're game is just too much of a VVVVVV clone!
Nevertheless, it's a great game, and so was the level design!
Hope to see you again next time!

2 3 3

Tricky jumps around spikes are too difficult.

4 4 3

The game was good fun, and the game world is decently sized. It isn't easy, and control can be hard in narrow spaces.

3 4 3

Cool platformer.

3 4 4

argh! too frustrating :-)

5 4 3

this game was very finished feeling, very fun but with not a large amount of fun, i more or less felt like i was playing VVVVVV and trying to collect shiny trinkets

3 5 3

can somebody play through?

3 3 2

Oh it's a jump and run... Did you expect anyone else to play past the second room?