End of Day 2 Progress

Ok, today I didn't have any major collision detection issues (I've managed to discover one issue but that's pretty rare anyway). This allowed me to pretty much focus the whole of today on content, and I now have about four rooms totally finished. A bit of balancing needs to be done on certain aspects (eg the spikes), but again, that's balancing not bugs.

One major bug that needs fixing is that returning to a checkpoint on death crashes the game if it's in a different room. This is kinda unfortunate as one or two of the game mechanics rely on that working.

Todo for tomorrow:

* Saving
* Fix a collsion bug
* Change flyer movement
* Add badguys

For the rest of this week is also looks kinda like this:

* Add sounds
* Add music
* Add loads of music

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I'd look into toning down the brick, it's a bit too much... color? I'm not sure, I just can't look at it for long.  just turn down the saturation and you should be good
oh, and hi-five to another ubuntu user!