Unfinished Mess

Personal circumstances and illness prevented me from getting my little Python program anywhere near actually resembling a game, but here is the code anyway.


Press the left mouse button to fire the ducks!
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Overall: 2.0
Fun: 2.1
Production: 1.8
Innovation: 2.2

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PyWeek 13.zipfinal
davec 2011/09/17 08:09
PyWeek 13 -
davec 2011/09/12 21:10
davec 2011/09/12 21:10
PyWeek 13 -
My game as of Sunday
davec 2011/09/11 23:10
Day One.
davec 2011/09/11 23:04

Diary Entries

And so it begins.....

Take a look at that screenshot. Don't try to take all of it's awesomeness in all at once, or it may become too much.

Well... I finally got my code started. This PyWeek is going to be an interesting one for me, because I have loads of other stuff to do this week (boo!) and I'm going on holiday on Saturday so I have to get this ready by Friday evening. Because of that, I'm keeping this game design as simple as flipping possible. Not as simple as it is at the moment, of course.

I promised myself that this time around, I'd upload my work each and every day - warts and all. It doesn't do much, and I'm not going to reveal what I'm up to with regards to the design just yet. 

Hope you're all enjoying the competition. 



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Day two

With that stunningly original diary entry title out of the way, why not take a look at the screenshot below?

Those of you impressed by yesterdays screenshot of a blank screen cannot possibly fail to be impressed by the fact that there are now literally four more blocks in the new screenshot! You may as well lay down your coding tools now, peeps. It's futile even trying to compete.

Ok... so the game is going to involve piloting a small droid (currently a blue square) that has to clean up after some kind of accident / invasion / stupid sci-fi-incident leaves loads of mutated thingies everywhere. They will (soon) be different colours. The aim will be to destroy the mutant thingies by bumping them into other thingies of the same colour. If two different colour thingies collide, a mutation will occur and thingies of different colours will be created.

Look, I'm making this game up as I go along, based on a vague idea I had in the bath on Sunday. 

Anyhoo.. coding has been fun, but there isn't a ton to show at the moment. I've uploaded what I've got. I have around 1 - 2 hours per evening when I can work on this so I'm not expecting miracles but I think I can get a fun little mini-game together by Friday, when I have to submit due to holiday plans.

Hope you're all having fun building your games.


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Well that was a disaster. After a good start to the week, it all fell apart from Wednesday. Unforseen personal circumstances, a stinking cold for me and my two boys (I'm a single dad) and the week has dissapeared. We are all off on holiday now, so I've uploaded the code in it's horrendously un-finished state in the spirit of the competition. 

Never mind... there's always PyWeek 14! I'll be back!

Hope you all had a blast... there are some truly amazing games being built as always. I'm looking forward to playing them.


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