PyWeek Game Team Rating
17 Oh, Most Wonderful Of Nights! DNF
16 ...As Was Foretold Console 3.77
14 Rectifier + BurritoAlPastor Rectifier + BurritoAlPastor DNF
13 Mutants Of Melimnor Mutants Of Melimnor 3.33

Rectifier's awards

ASCII Comeback! Presented by dmreichard for ...As Was Foretold

TIL: Never Google "Tenticle" When Searching for Images for Awards...Award. Presented by bitcraft for Mutants Of Melimnor

Urist McMutant's Fortress of Pain Presented by jerith for Mutants Of Melimnor

The Nostalagic Gamer Society Award for Retro-Styled Interfaces Presented by drnlm for Mutants Of Melimnor