The MutationGun(TM)

I will write only a little game, because I don't have much time. Probably a Platformer. This is my first time attending.


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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 3.0

16% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 20


File Uploader Date
The MutationGun(TM) 1.0.zipfinal
The Game
Ernie 2011/09/17 22:51
Ernie 2011/09/14 19:36
Testing the MutationGun(TM)
Ernie 2011/09/13 21:01
Test of the tilemap and the tilesheet
Ernie 2011/09/12 20:07

Diary Entries

The First Day

Yeahh, my favourite theme won!
Now I have worked for an hour and a half and here is the plan for my game:
It will be a platformer where you get the MutationGun(TM). With this gun you can mutate your enemies and yourself. Every time you use it you and your enemy swap your (positive and negative) mutations.

Good luck to everyone!

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The Second Day

Today i wrote a simple and crappy platforming engine, coded a tile map and painted a tilesheet. Also i did the movement code of all the enemies and the protagonists.

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The Third Day

Today I worked for 2 hours. I coded the Enemy Class and movement and the MutationGun(TM). Here is a picture with the gun and an enemy.

Perhaps I get the game eventually done.

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The Fourth Day

Today I finished the mutation handling. The enemies got AI and are attacking you. Tommorow I will work on differences between different enemies. Although they will all look the same. I also have to work on a story so that i can get to Level design on friday.

In the upper left corner is the mutation-display. There are clockwise: the spikeMutation, the jumpMutation, and the speedMutation. With the spikeMutation you can attack the enemies. The other two are self-explaining. Underneath there is the healthbar (which is also pretty self-explaining :)


The Last Hour (almost)

So i finished the game. It has not very many levels. i propably make a few more after judging to make the game to a real game and not something like a demo. now i will go to sleep. tommorow i will write more and i can't wait to play all those games.

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