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PyWeek Game Team Rating
25 Forked Tail PW25 Forked Tail PW25 DNF
24 ForkedTail_PW24 ForkedTail_PW24 DNF
23 Werewolves ForkedTail_PW23 2.50
22 Doors Forked Tail 2.71
21 Laion Forked Tail 2.82
20 oneday Forked Tail DNF
19 Forked_Tail_PW19 Forked Tail DNF
18 The L'il Fox Forked Tail 2.76
17 Spacekeeper Forked Tail 2.98
16 Nemesis Forked Tail 2.76
15 Charon's Obol Forked Tail 3.39
14 The Cicada Of Antarctica Forked Tail 2.64
13 Camouflage! Forked Tail 3.21
12 Pluto the 9th Planet Forked Tail 3.13

circusblatta's awards

GNU Emacs Seal of Approval: this game requires ten fingers to be played Presented by reidrac for Spacekeeper

Let the good times row Presented by Cosmologicon for Charon's Obol

Only game where you get to clear customs while naked. Presented by LongSean for Camouflage!

Funnest game where you watch a clock tick... Presented by LongSean for Camouflage!

Best use of a Dodo bird egg Presented by LongSean for Camouflage!

Very Loosely Based on a True Story Presented by Cosmologicon for Pluto the 9th Planet