the title screen

Charon's Obol

Charon's Obol

You control Charon's ferry around the Acheron river with arrow keys.
You have to take souls from the bottom dock to the top one.
Only souls carrying any gold object will pay you; kick rest souls away from the ferry before unloading by mouse clicking.


Let the good times row
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.6

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 19


File Uploader Date
Removed FPS from screen
ilseppia 2012/09/16 23:52
ilseppia 2012/09/16 23:44
immagine iniziale e titolo.png
the title screen
circusblatta 2012/09/14 10:50
a damned soul
circusblatta 2012/09/10 13:45

Diary Entries

the concept

Caron dimonio, con occhi di bragia

does anyone know this poem?



the main characters of Forked tail, three man and one woman like forked tail team (not for real: midnightstorm is a group of men)

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Unachievable gold medals

Unfortunately we realized that a couple of gold medals looks not achievable... if confirmed (we are still trying), we'll upload the .map files that should be copied in /levels folder to fix those levels.
Anyway all the levels are winnable with at least silver medal, and you can still see the end of the game without completing all of them.

Then if you liked the game....

You'll be happy to hear that we are now working on an additional level pack.
If you mind, you can also contribute by submitting a level created by you, and we'll put it in the pack.
You may create levels taking as sample the .map files in the /levels folder.
Here is the legend:
C-Charon's Ferry
S/F-Start/Finish Docks
U/D/L/R-Directional Streams
A-Swimming Soul
Q-Question Mark


Level pack released

As anticipated, we prepared a full set of new levels for our last game Charon's Obol.
Just remove/rename the existing level folder and unzip this in the game directory.
Please take care of backup&remove the file game001.sav in save folder in order to reset the game.

Just as reminder, five levels from the original set have been modified in order to make them winnable with gold medal. Details in this post.

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