1. One (the last) camouflage of each category is not showed even if worn. To fix this replace the configuration file with this one
  2. Going to border gate with money=0 reaises exception.


Only game where you get to clear customs while naked.
Presented by LongSean

Funnest game where you watch a clock tick...
Presented by LongSean

Best use of a Dodo bird egg
Presented by LongSean

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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 3.4

24% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 19


File Uploader Date
F12 will solve your money problems
ilseppia 2011/09/18 23:09
ilseppia 2011/09/12 23:25

Diary Entries

New logo

Waiting for the themes, we just designed a new logo for our team...


Calaveras! Calaveras!

So... we decided that our mutation will be a fake mutation... AKA camouflage.
And we are flying to Mexico in order to smuggle stuff and make some money... why? This is obvious!
Love... All You Need Is Love!

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Can't decide main character name...

So you are Paco, Pablo, Juan... none of them? Didn't decide yet.
But you like the gorgeous chica living a couple of blocks from you.
And no, I'm not going to tell you her name.

She is H-O-T. Isn't she?
You can't live any more without her, you have to win her heart by any means.
Think, think, think! What you can do?
What about clicking here and there, wandering around the city, looking for some nice valuable stuff and, why not, doing something illegal? Let's stock up on camouflages.
Whatever your name, you are a genius!

Very productive day... teammates are drawing like crazy generating tons of arts for the game, and I managed to make a rough gameplay that is working, ugh, pretty fine...
Tomorrow issues: screen scrolling and character's pathway. And collisions, of course!
Good nigth.


What is the funniest camouflage combination?

#UPDATE: about 10% of camouflages are not showed even if selected. Please replace the configuration file with this one: (thanks to cyhawk) in order to make all of them visible.
So this is our final submission for this pyweek.
I spent all the day to solve a problem with the shop screen, and still didn't find a solution...
As you will see, the game needs still a lot of improvements, but at least it should not crash.
The game probabily is not well balanced... so if you run out of money, you can cheat by pressing F12 to enter debug mode and have unlimited funds.

Obviously the funniest part of the game is to see the camouflage output, mixing all the objects you can find. We hope you will enjoy the game.

Here is an extract from the README.TXT
You have to smuggle goods between the two countries.
Your goal is to buy the rainbow rose and give it to Mercedes.
Right click around the map to move.
Buy camouflages and goods in every shop (top-left side of the shop screen)
Sell goods in every shop (bottom-left side of the shop screen)
Wear the camouflages you bought (right side of the shop screen)
Then use your van and click on the country you want to go.
Pay attention to the guard at the border gate...
Every good you own increases your suspect bar.
Every camouflage you wear increases the camouflage bar.
To pass the check point, you have to click when the clock hand is in the green section:
if you hit the green part, your camouflage increases. If you reach 100, you pass.
if you miss the green part, you lose your camouflages and the suspect bar is increased.