First screenshot!


A single cell in an automaton gone bad, you must fight the mutations and their source.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.5
Production: 2.1
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 23


File Uploader Date
Final final submission.
hidas 2011/09/17 23:56
hidas 2011/09/17 21:27
Demo #2
hidas 2011/09/14 19:21
a quick demo
hidas 2011/09/13 20:42
First screenshot!
hidas 2011/09/12 19:38

Diary Entries

Thoughts are tricky things

Thoughts about certain phrases in certain gamemaking competitions never come easily.
 You can guess I'm speaking of the five small phrases that will become of utmost importance in my mind for the next week.

Creativity must become structured. Playability must be categorized.


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Ideas have surfaced!

I've come up with game ideas for all of the themes except Mysterious Stranger.
Vote for Mr. Fixit or Mutate!

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Preparation and meta-themes

Like most game developers, I always have a slew of game ideas and mechanics just waiting to come to fruition. Pyweek brings the best ones forward. This Pyweek I'm hoping I can make art and music very central to gameplay. One of my biggest mistakes last Pyweek was focusing only on gameplay; as a result, I ended up having mediocre art and music that someone else composed. This Pyweek I really want any music and art I make to be very important to the game.
Therefore, I'm going become a minimalistic game developer.
A few songs, hand-drawn art, and a small, polished game is what I'm going for.

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My games for each theme.

I guess I'll lock in my entries, also.
Mr. Fixit: A group of kids meet an eccentric old man named Mr. Fixit. The kids are interested when he offers to tell them his life story. Mr. Fixit is a great storyteller, and the kid's imaginations exaggerate the details of Mr. Fixit's stories.

Mutate! You're a bug that goes into its cocoon every night and comes out a new creature in the day, with new abilities and limitations.

More Criticals: You're a doctor in the emergency room at the local hospital. Every day, a patient in critical condition comes to your room. You have to figure out how to save them.

Negotiator: In the future, music is the universal language. You are a politician trying to become Supreme Dictator. To win, you must convince the other politicians to elect you by composing music that suites them.

Mysterious Stranger: Not quite sure about this one. I was thinking about using another idea and having Mr. Fixit be mysterious. Or something.

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First day of Pyweek.

Composed some music, wrote as much code as I could without actually writing anything, and tried desperately to think of an innovative game. I'm now hesitant to fulfill my original game idea since so many other people are making variations on it. So I've given myself the rest of today to think of a new idea. If I don't have any good ones by the end of today, back to bugs it is!

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More done!

So far today I've drawn the player, a simple tileset (1 tile so far :P), written a bunch of code, and realized I have no idea how to write a cave generator! Fun all around!


Game plan.

After thinking it over, my game will be simple but hopefully fun. Basically, you just wander around in a procedurally generated cave, trying to bring life back to it.
Everywhere you go, plants start to grow again. But, you'll have to fight off the evil creatures already living there. Your only defense is the life that you cause. The more plants in an area, the more defenses you have. If you successfully bring life back to the entire cave, you win. But, the cave itself also mutates as the game progresses, so you'll have to work fast. 

I deliberately tried to make the gameplay as simple as possible since I have a nonexistent chance of finishing already, and so I could add music!

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I've made a large amount of progress. The collision detection it finally working, although you can still jump into platforms and be pushed back out if you do it right.
The cave generator is generating some interesting caves. I'm trucking along.

Oh, and I uploaded a demo. Please try to break my game! :)

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Fighting enemies with cellular automata!

Enemies have now been added to the cave. Your defense: causing them to run into "lifed" tiles. You can give a block life by colliding with it. If a block has life, it turns green. The enemies will follow you constantly.

I uploaded another demo. If you have a slow computer you probably won't be able to play it. It runs between 14 and 20 FPS on my Intel Core 2 Duo machine with 4 gigs of RAM. Time to optimize!

I suspect people will develop their own ways of causing the enemies to run into lifed tiles, so post your strategies! I want make enemies that appeal to all playing styles!

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FPS: 5

After playtesting Automata extensively, I found that the framerate slows considerably when more enemies are added. 1 enemy = 30 FPS running at 100% CPU, 50 enemies = 5 FPS running at 100% CPU. More tiles also slow the framerate down, from 9-10 FPS to 5-. FPS. I suspect that if the screen was almost filled with tiles and 50 or so enemies were on the screen, my game would run at 1 FPS.


First final submission

I didn't have a lot of time for this Pyweek, and today is no exception. I'm uploading a final submission now, in case I don't have time later today. Still no music. :(

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Somehow, I fixed a collision bug that I've been trying all week to fix in the last 3 minutes.
I just uploaded a second final submission.

Still no music. :'(

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My game, in all its "glory", currently has no instructions.

So here they are.

Move: Arrow keys
If you touch a tile it changes its state into a "life" tile. Enemies that run into, (not touch) life tiles die. Enemies spawn from a mother cell living somewhere in the maze. Touching the mother cell kills it and you win. Not a lot of thought here, just hopefully a small amount of fun. :)

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Thanks to everyone who rated my game! (automata)

I've been reading all the comments; it seems the greatest downfall of my game was not including directions, instructions, and stuff to do. I'm definitely going to keep working on this one.