My games for each theme.

I guess I'll lock in my entries, also.
Mr. Fixit: A group of kids meet an eccentric old man named Mr. Fixit. The kids are interested when he offers to tell them his life story. Mr. Fixit is a great storyteller, and the kid's imaginations exaggerate the details of Mr. Fixit's stories.

Mutate! You're a bug that goes into its cocoon every night and comes out a new creature in the day, with new abilities and limitations.

More Criticals: You're a doctor in the emergency room at the local hospital. Every day, a patient in critical condition comes to your room. You have to figure out how to save them.

Negotiator: In the future, music is the universal language. You are a politician trying to become Supreme Dictator. To win, you must convince the other politicians to elect you by composing music that suites them.

Mysterious Stranger: Not quite sure about this one. I was thinking about using another idea and having Mr. Fixit be mysterious. Or something.