Thanks to everyone who rated my game! (automata)

I've been reading all the comments; it seems the greatest downfall of my game was not including directions, instructions, and stuff to do. I'm definitely going to keep working on this one.

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Don't be too hasty. What pleases PyWeek judges and what makes a good game are not 100% in agreement. A game that you have to explore for yourself will fare badly on PyWeek because the judges have to test 50 games over a weekend and every game that is not straightforward to test is an annoyance :).

I'm always pleasantly surprised to see how much I agree with the aggregated ratings in the end. But in your game I really liked the emphasis on exploration. Think twice before toning it down!
I also like it exploration, but instructions doesn't just mean telling you about the game mechanics. You shouldn't have to guess how to run the game or what the controls are. Also, for exploration to be really pleasing, you need good feedback. When you win, it should be fairly clear what you did to win, and when you die, it should be fairly clear what killed you. This game wasn't the worst for that, but it still wasn't always completely clear what was going on.

I'm just saying that "directions, instructions, and stuff to do" don't have to diminish the "emphasis on exploration".
Yea that's one of the repeated comments that i got for my game, too much running into spikes in dark rooms. Exploration in your game was fine i thought, what bothered me was it being to easy to avoid getting killed (just stand in a corner) as well as receiving no instructions (as in go kill the blue square)