Rise of the Mutant Empire

The mutants have risen: "Exterminate! Resistance is (almost) futile."

Mutations are viral - people become mutants when they're touched by mutants. But you can save them while they're still mutating by shooting antidotes at them.

Save as many people as you can, kill as many mutants as you can, and avoid becoming a mutant yourself. And have fun?


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.6

Respondents: 25


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ehsanul 2011/09/18 23:22
The title says it all.
ehsanul 2011/09/18 23:11

Diary Entries

Stop the Mutant Invasion!

A bio-engineered virus, created by the super villain mad scientist (duh), turns everyone it touches into monstrous mutants. Most of the country has been mutated, and its up to you to protect whoever's left! Kill all the mutants, they can't be saved anymore.

Just make sure they don't touch you. And If the mutants touch any of the people you're protecting, they turn into mutants themselves and will turn on you. If you lose too many of them, what's the point in going on?

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Five-Day Progress Dump + Demo Video

Demo Video of what we have so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6t-JftajV8

Screenshot too:  

The background image is used as the level map (a trick I picked up from watching a timelapse of notch a while back). So I just edit the background image in gimp, and voila, new level! :) - Unfortunately, I just have the ugly little levels I made so far. I'll bug Lisa to make some better looking (and playable) levels.

The plain humans run away from mutants, and turn into mutants if they're touched by one. Mutant AI is super simple as well, they just run after the first human they see, or the player.
So much left to do!

Progress Dump:
    Sept 9-10: Pre-challenge: Basic infrastructure (skellington-1.9) and sprite animation code (but no sprites!)
    Sept 11:    Background-image based level map. Walking over uneven/sloped terrain.
    Sept 12:    Refactoring, rewrite background-image level code cos of bugs, super simple (f=ma) physics, just used for jumping at this point.
    Sept 13:    Mutants with some AS (Artificial Stupidity)
    Sept 14:    Humans, with more AS. They mutate into whatever mutant touches them, with a 3s delay.
    Sept 15:    I tried the game out with 50+ characters instead of 3 to see how much it slows down. Quite a bit. After a bunch of profiling, got the FPS up, but the final game will have 30 FPS instead of 60 like I wanted.

I got that out of my git log. While I've been doing this, Lisa has had a particularly busy week. But she's cool, so she still made a few sprites. I think they're pretty good for someone who has never done this before. Oh, and she made 5 different types of hair for our heroine. XD

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Our game has only 1 Level. Ouch!

Lisa was super busy this week, and I probably could have managed time better myself. Oh well, the one level we do have isn't that bad I think, though it's a little hard to beat. Better be, since that's all there is now.

What's funny is that I spent a whole bunch of time coding up a level loader. Hah! Well, we'll be adding levels I guess, we'll probably keep working on the game after PyWeek (at a slower pace).

Anyways, hope y'all like the single level we've got now! Please try it out: Rise of the Mutant Empire

Now to check out all the games people have entered :)


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