PyWeek - Rise of the Mutant Empire - feedback

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3 3 3

Nice concept. I found the controls and the landscape together made it rather difficult to achieve anything of create an interesting strategy -- The best approach seemed to be to just jump around in the valley shooting things as fast as possible. Could also have done with more game play (maybe power ups, Some interesting scenerios / Levels).

2 3 3

The level is very difficult to beat.

2 3 3

Is that a portal gun?

2 2 3

Level 1 is too hard.

3 3 2

Hard game but nice game. I had some issues with the window losing sometimes the focus.

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It's an interesting start, but too frantic for me and the AI is just too random to feel like I'm having a strategy.

2 3 2

OK concept. the single level seemed overly harsh, and I found the controls
a bit unintuitive.

3 3 3

nice and cool game

1 2 2

Very hard.

4 2 1

Quite fun to play, even if it gets very one sided quickly.

Quite basic otherwise and with not much innovation

3 3 2

too hard, couldn't pass level 1 :(

3 2 3

Level 1 was way too hard. I played several times and lasted 15 seconds at most. I'd prefer an easy level or two followed by successively harder levels, even if it was the same layout.

2 2 1

The sprites look okay on their own but are pretty jarring when displayed in the same game.

3 3 3

cool graphics

2 2 2

I had a really hard time saving people.

2 3 2


4 4 3

Boy you weren't kidding about this game being hard! There's a lot of things to keep track of, your own health, your position, the mutants flooding in from two sides, and the state of all the people you're protecting. If you wanted more levels, you could have the same mountains and add features one at a time. Like at first you don't have to protect any people, just yourself. Anyway, I like the controls and the pacing. Not bad!

4 3 3

Very hard and chaotic but funny.

3 3 3

Works quite nicely, but there is only one level and it is hard to beat, yes.

5 4 3

good work but this game is too hard

2 3 2

According to me you choose the wrong level design for this kind of game. People you have to save are spawn very close, so they are often touched all at the same time. Moreover your starting poisition between two hills doesn't help you to protect them.
I would suggest you to "flat" a little the level and please, change mutant's graphics. The humans are so cute despite of them.

3 2 3

cool idea but i die so fast that i hardly played something. a wider more open level would be nice.

2 3 2

This is a basic mouse-accuracy shooting game, which I don't find very entertaining at the best of times. There isn't really much more to the game than trying to click as fast as possible on the baddies, and that gets old very fast.

3 4 4

bit hard isn't?

3 2 3

hard to play