Greg Ewing, macophile, compulsive programmer and code artist. Beginner of many things and completer of few.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
35 Shadogram 3.82
29 Flappy Butterfly 3.11
27 Hexaflexagon Simulator 2019 2.67
22 A Lichee Hornet Mutiny 3.64
17 Loon 3.15
16 Supersymmetry 3.44
14 Defend Mechanicsburg! 3.50
13 Mutagenesis 3.29
12 Interesting Times 3.49
11 A Game of Catch 3.20
10 Wobleigh Towers 2.90
9 Hark! I Impale Weasels! 3.33
8 Myna Weft Golf 3.47
7 Bell Runner 3.67
6 Assembly Line 3.04
5 555-BOOM! 3.49
4 PROBE 3.07
3 Sneak 3.31

gcewing's awards

Stylish Silhouette Presented by Cosmologicon for Shadogram

熟能生巧 Presented by xmzhang1 for Flappy Butterfly

The Python 2 is dead award Presented by ntoll for

Forcing Me To Learn Something :( Presented by capturts for

Code artist!at least calligrapher Presented by xmzhang1 for

This game could create black holes Presented by circusblatta for Supersymmetry

75% civilians become Soldiers Presented by ilseppia for

Dingbots Presented by drnlm for

Phyllotactical advantage Presented by Cosmologicon for

The Unintentional Pun: "growing plants in a 'sandbox' game" award Presented by tnelsond for

the most shintoist pyweek game ever Presented by nitrofurano for Interesting Times

Most creative take on the theme Presented by superjoe for Interesting Times

Last Minute Tiger award Presented by scav for

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge award for the least structually sound erection Presented by mauve for Wobleigh Towers

Dr who! Best sonic screw driver. Presented by illume for Wobleigh Towers

Gelatin as an element Presented by jtrain for Wobleigh Towers

What a piece of work Presented by Cosmologicon for Hark! I Impale Weasels!

Theme of Pyweek Past Award Presented by myke for Myna Weft Golf

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for Myna Weft Golf

Raising standards in Pyweek innovation award Presented by ldle for Myna Weft Golf

For Whom The Bell Tolls: Seal of Awesomeness Presented by steveth45 for Bell Runner

Reincarnating the pre-DDR musical genre Presented by saluk for Bell Runner

Clean Code Award Presented by claxo for Bell Runner

"Dude looks like a LEGO" Award (in a good way!) Presented by HanClinto for Bell Runner