Part of Level 2

Myna Weft Golf

My Two Fang Elf
My Wet Fog Flan
My New Flag Frog
My Wet Golf Fan
Elf Got My Fawn
My Waffle Tong
Weft My Flagon
Myna Weft Golf <-- Okay, this is it

That piece of yarn looks nice... it would make a great lining for a nest! But it's all strewn about... I'll have to roll it up before I can take it home...


Theme of Pyweek Past Award
Presented by myke

Knows the lambda
Presented by T-002

Raising standards in Pyweek innovation award
Presented by ldle

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
gcewing 2009/05/03 11:56
gcewing 2009/05/03 00:31
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Part of Level 2
gcewing 2009/05/02 12:52
gcewing 2009/05/02 12:50
gcewing 2009/05/01 22:18

Diary Entries

I'm not dead yet

Got off to a bit of a late start this time, as I somehow managed to miss any and all announcements of the competition date. But I'm here now, with something vaguely resembling an entry. The premise doesn't make a lot of sense, but that never seems to have stopped anyone...

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Playability achieved. Three levels so far. Maybe I'll get another couple done tomorrow before the deadline.

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One more level

I've added a fourth level. It's somewhat trickier to complete than I intended, but it's doable if you're careful and observant.

I suspect there's a bug that can occur if you get too many yarns crossing over at one point. If you find your yarns getting hopelessly tangled up, you may need to restart the level.


Thanks, and see you at the Pyggies

Thanks to everyone who rated Myna Weft Golf. It did better than I expected for an entry that got off to a late start.

I know the relation to the theme was a bit stretched, but Richard did say he approves of anagrams in this exchange. Also it does have some lawn and you do have to get something off it...

Anyway, I've started a Pyggy entry, so if you like the game, come and see. Also, anyone who would like to join me as a team member and contribute levels or other ideas is welcome to do so!

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