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Note: There is an error in the dependency list in the README file -- NumPy is NOT required.

What's the next big thing after the Large Hadron Collider? Answer: The North European Massively Enormous Synchrotron for Investigating Supersymmetry.

Over 30 times as powerful as the LHC, this behemoth sprawled across Europe will help find all the new particles predicted by the theory of supersymmetry.

But you won't get funding to build it all at once. Start small, produce a particle or two to show for your efforts, and maybe you'll get some more funds to make it bigger...


This game could create black holes
Presented by circusblatta

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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.5

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 15


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gcewing 2013/04/21 05:57
Supersymmetry 0.3
gcewing 2013/04/21 05:52
Supersymmetry 0.2
gcewing 2013/04/20 14:35
Supersymmetry 0.1
gcewing 2013/04/19 13:23
Dialog gone wrong
gcewing 2013/04/19 01:03
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gcewing 2013/04/18 13:40
Screenshot 1
gcewing 2013/04/17 13:11
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gcewing 2013/04/16 01:08

Diary Entries


Not a lot of progress yet, but I've got an idea, and started putting some skeleton code together.

Essentially it's a variation on Pipes, hopefully with a bit more skill and a bit less chance. There's also and a cutting-edge-experimental-particle-physics-themed backstory to go with it, which always helps.

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Tuesday Morning

Drew some pipes:

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Wednesday - Pipe Placement Achieved

Playing area, inventory and status display are implemented. Can purchase random pipes, and place, rotate and remove pipes in the playing area. Pipe circuit detection is working.

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Thursday - Nearly playable

Close to having a minimal working game now. Can start/stop the accelerator, discover particles, and advance levels. Most sound effects are done.

Minimum remaining to have a submittable entry: Level restart button, fix the starting pipe in place, detect when end of game is reached, create some help screens.

Nice to have if there's time: More pipe types, a way to buy a chosen pipe, detector display, liquid helium tanks, particle detectors, obstacles.

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Interesting way of getting a dialog box wrong

A salutory reminder of what can happen if you're foolish enough to pass a string where a list of strings is expected.

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Friday - First submission

Progress has been good today. I've got as far as implementing a few of the optional features on my list -- crossing pipes and end caps, vacuum integrity checking, buying selected pipes, inventory scrolling.

It's still not quite ready for prime time. Something is screwy with the calculation of the required energy for each level -- seems to be too low for levels above the first. But I've made a release just in case.

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Saturday - Looking good!

I spent most of today on play testing and balancing, although I managed to add another couple of features as well.

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Sunday - Finally final!

Final submission uploaded. I managed to squeeze in another couple of features and add a bit of polish here and there. As always, there are a few things I had in mind that there wasn't time for, but on the whole I'm fairly pleased with it.