PyWeek - Supersymmetry - feedback

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3 3 3

Nice idea, I really like the theme and the humor.

4 4 4

Overall really good. The first time I played, I thought it was really unforgiving, especially
the way previous mistakes (either in overspending or bad pipe placement) stayed with you from
one level to the next. It was really tense knowing one wrong click could completely ruin my
game. When I played again and actually made it all the way through, I had a lot of fun.

5 4 4

Was pretty well made and fun to play. However towards the end of the game you get progressively
further ahead of the targets making it easier and easier.

1 4 3


4 4 3

Like the concept. Kind of a high energy pipe dreams thing.

4 4 3

Engaging little puzzle game.

I found the random pipe buying mechanic is a bit too likely to throw up uselessly expensive
junctions early in the game, though.

2 4 4

The game looks nice and I wanted to play it till the end (champagne!). I'm not clear with
relation with the theme... I read only Nemesis project in the upper left corner but this is not
enough to me

4 4 5

there is no action but it is a very funny game, i think doesn't fit well with the theme for one of
the previous pyweek (mad science) was the fittest one!

4 4 3

I was working on EU projects (also with people from CERN) for 7 years, so I was laughing a lot :)
but then I couldn't figure out how to connect the extra cooling without breaking the beam... I
gave up.

4 4 4

The most engaging entry yet -the humour just topped it. Id love to see this developed further.

2 3 3

I think there should be a little more hand-holding in the game. It wasn't entirely clear what
the trade offs were between getting 5b in funds versus 1b.

Once i'd made aloop and discovered some particles, I was unsure of what to do next

2 3 2

Interesting simulation game! The help page was a little bit intimidating (do I need to read it
all?). All the scientific background was a good idea. Well done. Some of the art/images you
used might be covered by copyright, but I think it's all right. I didn't find it too fun :(

3 3 4

nice idea, well done!

3 3 4

A neat concept. Doesn't really appeal to me, but it's a decent game.

1 1 1 yes

Tried on a Mac with pygame 1.9.2 and python 2.7 from apple. ./runw Traceback (most recent call
last): File "run_game.pyw", line 12, in import main File "Game/Code/", line 12, in
from game import game File "Game/Code/", line 8, in from world import World File
"Game/Code/", line 15, in import tiles File "Game/Code/", line 116, in
class Helium(Tile): File "Game/Code/", line 122, in Helium
(get_image("helium-e.png"), 'r'), File "Game/Code/albow/", line 61, in
get_image return _get_image(path, **kwds) File "Game/Code/albow/", line 43,
in _get_image image = pygame.image.load(path) pygame.error: File is not a Windows BMP file

4 3 3 yes

As much as I enjoyed the game, using non-free copyrighted images is against the rules.