PyWeek - Tee-py13 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 4 3

Nice-looking game -- pity it's unfinished!

2 4 2

It's hard to get a feel for the game, although the engine works nicely

3 5 3

Great aesthetic, immersion and mood :) Shame u ran out of time.

2 3 3

Review not implemented yet ;)

4 5 3

Well made game. Sadly is unfinished.

2 3 2

Looks promising, but not enough of the game is there

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 4 3

Please substitute "Creepy" For "Fun" In my ratings. :) Reminded be a lot of the start of Count Down to Doomsday. Not quite seeing how the theme fits in yet but if this was the trailer book my seat for the opening night of the release! :)

1 2 2

I'd like to see more!

5 3 3

I loved it. I was somewhat sad when it was over. But I loved it, and that made up for the short run. :)

The intro screen was a really nice touch. I always appreciate gfx more than text.

You did a superb job with the mood, suspense and light narration. More depth, more interactivity with the environment, and just plain more would have kicked this game to the top. I hope you plan to do more with it. Thanks for the five-minute thrill. =)

3 3 3

sadly you had not enough time to finish I missed a bit the theme, but maybe it would have evolved
with the story.

3 4 1

This would have been a nice game if completed i liked the pixely graphics but must have missed the link to the theme somewhere

3 4 3

Very nice, as far as it goes.

This is where I would put a note about using constants as colour keys for PNGs, but from the number of games that do this it looks like I'm going to have to patch pygame to not apply colour correction instead.

3 1 2

Obviously unfinished, but still fun.

2 3 3

The game has a nice creepy feel and cool pixel graphics.

2 3 2

Very cool atmosphere.. needs more of it! :)

2 3 2

What little we have here is nice and scary! I checked every door hoping to find more game :).

4 4 2

Wow. The effect of drawing the curtains to reveal the room you have been navigating in darkness is really strong. I liked the artwork and background sfx, it was really atmospheric and had a polished look.

It would be really awesome if you completed the game.

3 3 3

Shows promise...

3 4 2

This one had a "nice" (in the sense, worked on, polished) atmosphere. Too bad it's so short!
I've rated innovation "below average" only as you haven't managed to get your mutation stuff into the game, but I guess it would have given a far better mark if you did! Are you planning to continue development of your game once PyWeek is over?

4 3 3

funny but unfortunately unfinished, but where are the mutations?

3 4 3

id like to see his game fnished

3 4 4

So far so good. Would love to see this taken further.

3 3 2

Given that it's incomplete, it's really well done. I'm glad you submitted it! I know you wanted
verbose feedback, but all I wish is that you'd had time to finish it, and I especially wish you
could have incorporated the theme. The ghosts are effective. Maybe they could even be harder
to see somehow, like if the light were flickering or they were fading in and out, I don't know. I
think I agree that a complete, unpolished game is better to an incomplete, polished game, but I
still like this one. :)

4 5 4

Creepy :)