Remnants of the First Universe


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 3
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 3.4

Respondents: 25


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Remnants of the First Universe
Tee 2006/04/02 00:00

Diary Entries

Last day, first post...

I didn't post anything until now, though I was reading all posts. :)

I probably won't be able to finish this, just like my last PyWeek. I had only around two (half) days to work on my code and graphics, but I still intend to try finishing it today. I think I have a decent idea and the design is done, though I had some problems implementing the steam (pygame.transform.scale didn't work as I expected), I'm unexperienced in game programming and, by now, I only have half the (programmer's) graphics and physics done, and almost no game rules.

Therefore, it's not very likely I'll finish it, but I'll try anyway. Who knows?

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File sent on 2006/04/02 00:00

Ugh. I was very desperate those last few minutes. If the challenge had ended 23:59, I wouldn't have been able to send my "final" version.

Anyway, it turned out I managed to create something. My code is extremely messy, so no one look at it. :) I accidentally zipped a .bak into it, too. I rushed through these last 11 hours to finish something. It has no intro, no sounds, the game starts right away, I haven't even tested it past the first level, but at least I'm happy I sent something.

To be honest, due to the rushing, I didn't have time to look at the license, so I kinda choose it at random. If there's anything wrong with the license, let me know.

I'll post a description and a screenshot of it later. Right now I'm hungry and I need dinner.

Go check it out. I'm looking forward to playing your games, too. Although my game didn't turn out as I expected and it'll probably be rated low, this was great. Thanks for the competition.


It was fun, thanks to everyone

Thanks for all the ratings and comments, and thanks to richard for a great PyWeek.

Unfortunately, I ended up not rating the games. I already had a list with the scores for most of the games and intended to write the comments yesterday, but I ended up needing to do something else and wasn't able to rate them (yep, never leave it for the last day). I'm sorry about that, I wish I could've wrote a few comments. I had a lot of fun playing the games and was very impressed with what can be done in a week with Pygame.

Reading my own game's comments was fun. It encouraged me to continue working on my game (when I have time, of course), fixing bugs and difficulty, adding intro, sounds, music and some more game features I had originally planned.

Congratulations to Rushed and Pekuja for winning! I have to admit that the two were my favorite games. :)

I'm looking forward for the next PyWeek. :)

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