It was fun, thanks to everyone

Thanks for all the ratings and comments, and thanks to richard for a great PyWeek.

Unfortunately, I ended up not rating the games. I already had a list with the scores for most of the games and intended to write the comments yesterday, but I ended up needing to do something else and wasn't able to rate them (yep, never leave it for the last day). I'm sorry about that, I wish I could've wrote a few comments. I had a lot of fun playing the games and was very impressed with what can be done in a week with Pygame.

Reading my own game's comments was fun. It encouraged me to continue working on my game (when I have time, of course), fixing bugs and difficulty, adding intro, sounds, music and some more game features I had originally planned.

Congratulations to Rushed and Pekuja for winning! I have to admit that the two were my favorite games. :)

I'm looking forward for the next PyWeek. :)