Last day, first post...

I didn't post anything until now, though I was reading all posts. :)

I probably won't be able to finish this, just like my last PyWeek. I had only around two (half) days to work on my code and graphics, but I still intend to try finishing it today. I think I have a decent idea and the design is done, though I had some problems implementing the steam (pygame.transform.scale didn't work as I expected), I'm unexperienced in game programming and, by now, I only have half the (programmer's) graphics and physics done, and almost no game rules.

Therefore, it's not very likely I'll finish it, but I'll try anyway. Who knows?

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Go for it, and good luck. We're pretty much all foot-to-the-metal at the moment trying to get things finished in time, and I'm loving it. I think.