File sent on 2006/04/02 00:00

Ugh. I was very desperate those last few minutes. If the challenge had ended 23:59, I wouldn't have been able to send my "final" version.

Anyway, it turned out I managed to create something. My code is extremely messy, so no one look at it. :) I accidentally zipped a .bak into it, too. I rushed through these last 11 hours to finish something. It has no intro, no sounds, the game starts right away, I haven't even tested it past the first level, but at least I'm happy I sent something.

To be honest, due to the rushing, I didn't have time to look at the license, so I kinda choose it at random. If there's anything wrong with the license, let me know.

I'll post a description and a screenshot of it later. Right now I'm hungry and I need dinner.

Go check it out. I'm looking forward to playing your games, too. Although my game didn't turn out as I expected and it'll probably be rated low, this was great. Thanks for the competition.

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Seems I can't post screenshots anymore.

Basically, you're a giant cloud of steam in the universe and you have a goal, to burn down all planets. There's a little story in README.txt (I wanted to put that in the game, but I didn't have even to make an intro, so...). I suppose it's easier if you just check it out.

By the way, Richard, is there a way to download all games without having to go one by one? :)
Sorry, no one-size-fits-all download. Maybe next time I'll organise a bittorrent bundle with all the games in it. Hell, if someone wants to organise that for this time, that'd be grand :)
Two bugs, with patches:

First, if a bar fills, then empties, the new empty area is pure black instead of deep grey. To fix:
in Bar.unfill():

            pygame.draw.rect(self.image, (0,0,0),
            pygame.draw.rect(self.image, (36,36,35),

Next, when entering a new system, the evo bar remains filled, even though it shouldn't. To fix:
in Engine.reinit() add:

        for i in xrange(self.evobar.status):
        self.evolution = 0

Thanks for the game.

Thanks for the fixes, evilmrhenry.

At that moment I was rushing (though it was a fun rush :)) and I wasn't caring much about little things like that first bug. That's why if you look at the code you see some very odd things.

There's also a bug similar to the second one which prevents the energy bar from resetting back to 8, too. If you want to fix it, you can do something similar to what evilmrhenry said:

in Engine.reinit(), around the same place:
        for i in xrange(self.enebar.status):
        for i in xrange(8):

I think that should work.