PyWeek - Remnants of the First Universe - feedback

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4 2 4

Reminds me of "the fifth element" movie :-)

3 2 4

Quite a fun game, perhaps needs a little more for the player to actually do. I liked the concept - seemed a bit different. But as you admit, production is somewhat lacking. Still, not bad!

3 4 4

Pretty cool. Impossible to get back off the ground once your dead, though. At least it seems like it.

3 1 4


3 3 2


2 2 4

The steam connection is tenuous :)

2 3 3

Well, an interesting idea. However, it could not bind me to the computer much :( After the first some levels, there were so many planets shooting, that it was impossible to maintain a steam larger than 1-2 puffs..

I suggest getting some more elements into the game. Maybe it could become an entertaining game. Keep working!

2 2 3

nice gaming idea

3 2 3

The game is quite innovative and fun enough to play for a while. It's simple and gets repetitive
in the long run, but it's still worth of trying.

4 3 3

Fun game.

3 2 2

steep difeculty

4 3 4

A very nice idea for a game. I am all powerful! Mwahahahaha!

2 3 3

A bit simple, but the theme was nice.

2 2 2

no comments

3 2 3

Interesting concept, needed a little more work.

4 1 3

This was a very interesting and fun game.

4 3 4

Fun concept.. but dies out quickly. Gets hard too quickly. But could be a lot of fun.

3 2 4

Not too bad. Simple, playable, though it got hard too fast. Planets looked good and the idea was interesting. Nothing really annoying, either, except maybe the lack of a "game over".

4 4 4

Nice game. One problem that you should be aware of is that the later levels are almost impossible. To kill a planet, you must stay on top of it, which will injure you from the planet's shots. While you are healing at the sun, you need to dodge a very large amount of shots from the other planets. This results in you getting hurt even more, and removing any ability to fight back. Basically, if the game goes downhill, it keeps going downhill, with little chance of recovery.

Also, I've had problems with the hp bar not working right. Sometimes it maxes out at about half-full, and sometimes I lose all my clouds while not dying.

2 3 4

The idea is interesting I guess, but it wasn't really very fun in my opinion. I didn't seem to get
any energy from the star, which was annoying and I kept dying. Sometimes it's also hard to tell
whether you have killed a planet or not and there should probably be a better indicator of when a
planet is almost dead. Other than that, the graphics are pretty nice. Some music would've been
a good addition. With some improvements and variation in the gameplay this could become an
interesting new kind of game.

3 2 4

It's an innovative game - I don't think I've ever played a game as a cloud of steam before.

But I think it's let down by some bugs. Sometimes the steam cloud will disappear entirely, but you're still alive, which is a bit confusing and does make the game quite hard to play. With a bit of bug-hunting, and perhaps some sound effects, this could be great.

4 2 4

Neat! I love the evil aspect.

3 3 4

Neat idea, kind of fun too. Doesn't seem to have a lose condition. Gets hard fast.

2 2 3

interesting concept

3 2 3

A fun, simple little game, but by level three it's pretty much impossible to regain any heat from the sun, as shots from the other planets are all converging on there and you don't get enough time to build up any heat.