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The average British commute

Hop on the London Tube and embark on an adventure. Step into the shoes of our protagonist, the nameless secretary, as you navigate through the bustling underground. Brace yourself for encounters with fervent football fans (remember, it's football, not soccer – we're in the UK, after all) and encounters with distinguished gentlemen.

But wait, there's more! Perhaps you'll even have the chance to rub shoulders with royalty, whether it's the Queen herself or her esteemed confidant, Jeffrey. The possibilities are endless on this thrilling journey through the heart of London. So, are you ready to dive into the excitement?



The Most Game Ever
Presented by SirBilby

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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.5
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 2.8

Respondents: 10


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Our title screen
coffee 2024/03/23 22:27
Source code (same as github repo)
coffee 2024/03/23 22:27
Quick preview of what we are working on
coffee 2024/03/19 13:37

Diary Entries

Quick update

Hey guys, we have been fairly silent up until this point but here is our first little update:
While we had some initial ideas revolving around tubes we soon came to realize that the subway in London is also called "The Tube".
So we decided to focus on the subway of London and create a little beat em up game within a subway carriage (maybe even a train station, who knows).
As of now we have some combat elements, the first basic models as well as some basic settings. The goal for today is to add the first proper enemy and finalize our map loader. We are fairly lucky that a lot of the issues we had were similar to our last pyweek entry and that Panda3D provides us with powerful tools to deal with them.

Btw did you know Elden Ring has a coop mod?

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