You are riding down a snowy mountain on a giant inflatable TUBE. Watch out for Yetis, wild birds while out-running a massive avalanche behind you!

Requires: pyxel


  • Steer left/right: Arrow Keys or A/D or D-Pad
  • Increase/Decrease Speed: Arrow Keys or S/W or D-Pad
  • Throw Snowballs: SPACE


  • Game Design: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit, TZone
  • Programming: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit
  • Art: blob_killers
  • Music/Sound: mit-mit

All game asset created during the Jam. Made in pyxel (


Presented by Pykemon010

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.8
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 3.4

Respondents: 8


File Uploader Date
Final Game (quick bug fix)
mit-mit 2024/03/24 11:16
mit-mit 2024/03/23 23:37
Final Game v1
mit-mit 2024/03/23 23:33

Diary Entries

Day 1

Well I won’t say my team had the best start but we’re doing good.

I decided to form a team of 6 and one suggested using the pyxel retro library a few weeks prior to the challenge, we brainstormed and already voted for the game we’re doing once the challenge starts.

Unfortunately we didn’t like the idea we voted for when the idea was “Tube” and I had real life things on a Sunday so while we decided to spend day 1 working on another better game idea and we made some nice starter progress.

Hopefully more work done tommorow.

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Day 2

Was busy, managed to get a nice tube scrolling down a mountain though

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Day 2

Was busy, managed to get a nice tube scrolling down a mountain though

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day 3

spent my time in online tution getting rocky rocks, icy ice and a title screen

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day 4

made the game feel more complete

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day 5

busy with moving to new house but managed to have a nice enemy going

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