Splash Screen

Thomas the Minister of Transportation

Lime Gang

Game Description

Become Thomas the Transport Minister, managing all the trains on the London underground. 
Don't cause too many deaths Mr Minister, that would look bad.
 ___ |[]|_n__n_I_c

Game instructions:

Left click on trains to speed them up temporarily
Right click to stop them temporarily
Click on junctions to switch their directions
If trains hit each other or a junction facing the wrong way, they crash
You get passenger points for every station a train reaches
Try to drop off 30 0000 passengers and crash less than 6 trains to win

Known bugs:

Hitting restart on the end screen will restart game, but rails tracks will not appear
If using pygame rather than pygame-ce, some lines of text will ignore line breaks and all appear on the same line

How to run:

Install requirements.txt or latest version of pygame-ce/ Do not use previous versions of pygame-ce or the non-ce version
Go to /src/ file and run main.py

Otherwise, run the .exe file if on windows

preatomicprince - Code
Jsteele - Code and art
Vaugbe - Audio compiler/ideas guy?



You're a very useful minister, Thomas!
Presented by mit-mit

Lemons are better
Presented by moogoesmeow

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.7
Fun: 3.6
Production: 3.6
Innovation: 3.9

Respondents: 9


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preatomicprince 2024/03/24 19:43
Splash Screen
Jsteele 2024/03/24 19:41
Jsteele 2024/03/24 19:40
The Phone Call
Jsteele 2024/03/24 19:40