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The Boring Game

A certain billionaire who owns a certain social media site named after an alphabet has built certain tunnels to overcome surface road traffic problems. However, in an attempt to expose that these tunnels are nothing but hype, you embark on a dangerous journey to demonstrate the "utility" of these tunnels live on YouTube :O

Make sure you don't go out of frame (your viewers will get bored), avoid the leaky steam pipes left by the tunnel engineers, and cautiously play around with test tubes left from the billionaire's endless experiments from other companies. You don't want your channel to get three copyright strikes, otherwise it might get deleted!


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Overall: 3.0
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 2.7

Respondents: 9


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More screenshot of gameplay
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/23 17:27
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/23 17:26
Screenshot of some gameplay
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/23 17:25
Screenshot of main menu
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/23 17:25
Final Entry v1
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/23 17:20
MysteryCoder456 2024/03/22 14:29

Diary Entries

Day 1.5 - Going Strong!

Hello world!
At the time of writing this I am halfway through day 2, hence the weird day "1.5" in the title. I sort of forgot that PyWeek lets you create diary entries 😅.

Anyways, majority of the first day was spent in vain brainstorming with ChatGPT in hopes of a Eureka! moment for a game idea. I did indeed have such a moment when a certain billionaire building certain tunnels in Las Vegas came to mind ;)

For the remainder of the day 1, I messed around with basic text rendering and implemented some basic 2D car physics. I also made infinite roads just this morning (day 2). I will not completely state my game idea since I'm still a little shy about it, but I'm sure some of you reading this can deduce which direction I'm headed.

What the game looks like right now.

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Day 3-6: Been busy...

It's been a while since the last diary entry. I wasn't able to work on the game much these past couple of days, but I was able to catch up.

There is now a simple gameplay loop, along with all the basic mechanics I intended to implement when the jam started. The end of day 2 saw the addition of "views", which act as a sort of score. On day 3, I added a health system and some steam pipes which harm the player. The collision system I initially put in place using pygame.Rects was a bit finicky. I replaced it with a system that uses pygame.Masks instead, which lead to much more accurate and reliable collision detection.

Soon after that, I got to work on creating a bare bones main menu for the game. Naturally, this called for a scenes system to easily manage game states and display the corresponding scenes. So I developed scenes system to easily manage game states and display the corresponding scenes :D

Today, I added test tubes scattered across the roads, which give you an enormous boost in view count in exchange for one health point. I also threw in some hearts here and there for the player to replenish health, as well as some SFX so my game doesn't feel like a pygame example program.

My agenda for tomorrow is to beautify the main menu a bit and tie up any lose ends.

Main Menu
Gameplay 1
Gamplay 2

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An Awesome Week

PyWeek 37 is finally over!

I'd been looking forward to this week for nearly a month. My high-school senior year finals were about to begin when it occurred to me that PyWeek was just around the corner. Luckily, the huge gap between my second-to-last (9 March) and last exam (2 April) allowed me to participate. The best part is that my last exam is Computer Science; majority of the syllabus is Python, so I had yet another excuse not to miss this epic week.

Overall, I had a really fun week brainstorming, game-developing and pushing goofy git commit messages to my repository. Usually, I'd have borrowed assets from or But this time, all the art was made in-house with a tinge of inspiration from online sources. I figured I'd give it a shot since I'd recently got my hands on Aseprite, and I'm so glad that I did!

Anyways, I wish good luck to all the entrants. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did :)

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