September 2021 challenge: “Neverending”

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...and BEYOND

This is a 2D open-world sandbox game. It fits the theme because a sandbox has infinite possibilities :)

Entrant: Gaming32

Wild Campers

We have created a hero defence game with some tower defence features. You play as a man who went camping. But the nature is unpredictable.

You have to gather resources to craft weapons and build barricades and towers.

You can expand your party by gaining xp and building more tents.

It's the never ending danger concept.

But you still can lose tho.

I used python 3.8.8

Team: Hiross, Mlmi


We're making a procedurally generated pattern-based combat game in our parent's basement.

Team: Matthgeek, Steamline

Living With

The simpliest game you will see in this competition, the graphics are bad, but I hope the message is good enough for everyone to understand and enjoy. This game is about me. But can be anyone, even you. 

What it have to do with the theme "neverending"? Well, you should play and see for yourself. Maybe you won't understand it, maybe you will, maybe you will need to play multiple times until you see it... But what matters to me is that I was capable of finishing it. 

I'll try to improve the game in the future, make better graphics and more activities... so if you liked it, follow me to see more :) 

If you played it, thanks a lot! :) 

Entrant: Shyr

Rock: The Criminal

Escape the police on a motorcycle, on the road and in space!
Motorcycle go brrr

Team: L3ungj, JarvisGaming, DGQS, Eason, HamburgerBoi, WA_OnTest2, jonowo, PunnyBunny

Never Ending dungeon

So the theme is "NEVERENDING" the best of all another themes for me.

So I will make something about neverending dungeon.

Entrant: PyDude

BEE Quick

  • — click on menu.exe to run the game the code will be on github:
A Neverending game where you are bee that collects nectar from flowers while avoiding wasps created for the pyweek game jam 32, 2021.9

Entrant: AK_472

Regret, Once again

Regret, Once Again

Her parents are unhappily married, over the years she saw nothing but violence and misery in this family.

It was clear that the couple regret marrying each other.

One day she was taking a walk again, because her parents are arguing, a mystery person gave her a magical box.

The little decides to go on a time travel mission to prevent this marriage.. but wait, something went wrong!


exe version:

  • run main.exe

src version:

  • have python3 and pygame2 installed, then run
  • to install the latest pygame, run "pip install pygame"

How to Play:

  • use [w], [a], [s], [d] to move around, [k] to interact

Walkthrough Video:

If you run into any bugs, feel free to report them through github or discord(Jeff Yan#0449)!

Team: chrisyan2000, jeffzhkw, a1610002515

Danse Macabre

A game about putting the dancing dead where they belong. Made in one day.

Entrant: Tee

Miracle Mile

One man band. New to game development. Ready to win….

Entrant: Ultramega

Endless Horizon

I wanted to give the player a sense of infinity, boredom, and at the same time give an incentive to persevere to the end.
I was planning to add activities that could kill a fisherman, and only the player could protect him.
This would require the player to sit in front of the computer for an equal hour (infinity, for most of us) to protect the hero so he could land.

Unfortunately I had only something like 2 days in total to make a game. So its more POC, than a game.
Still, I think this demo has positive vibe and is worth single play.


Game Design: VV0JCIECH \
Programming: VV0JCIECH \
Artwork: VV0JCIECH\
Music: eliot-beats

Entrant: VV0JCIECH

Keypad Racer

The racetrack loops: it is neverending.

A turn-based racing game; recreation of a pen-and-paper game I enjoyed back at school.

It supports multiple players sharing a keyboard. Bring your friends and have fun!

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
There's a tutorial, but it doesn't tell you about the title screen:
  • When holding a button with the mouse, press a key to change the keyboard mapping.
  • Press a player key to pick a color.


Linux: ModernGL for Python 3.9 doesn't have published wheels, so pip install might not work for you. You can:

Entrant: encukou

The Neverending Quest

In the Neverending Quest you are a knight tasked to reach the end of the world which doesn't exist since the world is infinite.

The game is a platformer with randomly generated levels. With enemies which you can fight, NPC's which give you quests, and various powerups the game is very fun to play!

To get to the end of the level you must find the castle and go inside of it. There can be 1 or 2 castles around the map so good luck finding it!

Requires Python 3.9+ and Pygame 2+. 
To run the game run

Entrant: JustAnotherCode


  • — Incomplete space shooter sans tarbomb (fixed)
Yep. I've been super sick so we ran out of time. Didn't get much done

All you need is pygame installed. ASWD to move, space to shoot

Team: VeinyAngus, wutwut


source code:

Team: vinam, hsp

Truck 'n Trailer

A simple game where you try to hook trailers on your truck

Entrant: Adan



Everglide is a 2D game in which you command a plane with almost no fuel. Your goal is to go as far as you can on the map, which never ends. You can collect coin to buy better planes. Also, you can collect some fuel on your way to the new record to help you stay in the air.

I tried to make the gameplay as simple as possible. Just press two arrow keys to go up or down with your plane, and press space to boost it. That's all.

CAUTION : please use the folder "everglide" contained inside the zip file. Unfortunately, some files have been mistakenly added to the root of the zip ; just discard them !

Screenshots links :

Entrant: YannThor

Infinity Slasher

CodeBoi when he's participating alone without the hood (PythonixCoders).


W and S to move between platforms, A and D to move horizontally, Space to Jump and Enter to Sword Slash.


If you wish to download and run the game from the source, please download the source code zip file, open the Godot project (instructions in, go to the AssetLib tab, and download and install the "PythonScript" (not "PythonScript-Pypy") addon. After installing the addon, restart Godot and reopen the project and you're good to go.

If you get any dependency errors on opening the project before installing the addon just hit "Close".

The addon was not included with the source because of codesigning issues on multiple machines.

Entrant: MysteryCoder456


Humanity's expansion into space had lasted centuries by the time we encountered the vicious Threx.

The Threx adopted a single, religious mission: destroy all alien life and technology.

At the edge of the Axium system, you have a chance to make your stand. Build structures to assist you in fighting off the Threx.

Entrant: mauve


  • — Singleplayer Pong with extra things, why did this take me a week what have I done with my life what is this
insert description here


this game fits the Neverending theme if you're good enough at the game and i guess lucky enough?? idk

Entrant: Dihydrogen

The Grind Never Stops

This is a game about your character going through endless levels, slaying enemies, making money, and getting more powerful.

Automatically saves and procedurally generates harder levels, making neverending fun!

Level Gameplay

Coding done by Samuel Price.

Enjoy everyone : )

Entrant: Cragon2409

Box Adventures

Box Adventures

Its a game which does infinite terrain generation, the player has no specific objective in the game you can try reaching the world border.

# Features:

+ block breaking

+ loadable chunks

+ terrain generation

+ 4 biomes

# Contributions

+ BeautifulReques: Terrain generation, optimisation, graphics, chunk class

+ aph: graphics, block class

+ redish2098: music, item class

+ Vthechamp: bug fixing and re-assesing the code

+ SReaperz: block breaking, player class, inventory, camera, entity class

+ jack_sparrow: start screen


+ While in unloading chunks it gives error leading the game to crashing, reason when we break a block it doesn't removes the block from the loaded chunk in the list, didn't had time to solve this. Also a physical fix is that increasing the `VISIBLE_RANGE_MAX` and `VISIBLE_RANGE_MIN` in

# How to Run

after installing the libs in `requirments.txt` do `python src/` and please use the latest python version

Team: BeautifulReques, aph, redish2098, Vthechamp, SReaperz, jack_sparrow

Lil Miss Vampire

A world that scrolls infinitely in any direction, an RPG-like UI, and simple, real-time fighting.

World view

Battle view

My younger kids and I built this entry for PyWeek 32 based on the theme "Neverending".

The key innovations are:

  • It has a neverending world. As the player walks along, it picks up tiles and places new ones invisibly. It uses an LRUDict to remember the last million tiles you've seen. This matches real life in that if you go back to a place after 20 years, it'll look different than when you first saw it.
  • The user interface was inspired by Super Mario RPG, but the fighting mechanics are purposely realtime. It's a lot like if you were playing Street Fighter, but all you were allowed to do was use a fast punch, a slow punch, or block. It's a little bit like roshambo.

The gameplay:

  • As you know, the life of a vampire is neverending. Hence, Lil Miss Vampire can never die. Her goal is the same as every vampire's goal: to grow in strength, which she does by vanquishing enemies.
  • As she gets further away from the origin, the enemies get harder. As she gains in strength, her attacks get stronger. If you just walk around, you slowly lose strength.
  • Walk around by using the arrow keys. When you're in a battle, there are instructions on the screen.
  • There's a fun dynamic where you can get a hint as to what the opponent is going to throw at you, so you can try to counter it. Both attacks and blocks have a cool-down period during which you are vulnerable.
  • If, for some reason, you can't move in the beginning, just restart the game.

The code:

  • The code is pretty pleasant. I made use of lots of new features in the latest Python, and I built a pretty decent developer experience.
  • It's built on the excellent arcade library which has exceptionally good documentation, tutorials, and examples.
  • I used type annotations everywhere, and I enforced them via mypy. I made extensive use of `typing.NamedTuple` which gives it a nice, immutable, well-typed flavor.
  • I used black to format the code during check-in.
  • There are extensive unit tests for the models. And there are git hooks to keep everything sane.
  • Running `make iterate` will reformat the code, run mypy to enforce types, run the unit tests, and then launch the game.


  • I built the game with two of my kids, Giovanni and Greggory.
  • I walked them through building some of the initial screen elements. Then, I built all the hard parts like the `Geography` class and `TimedWorkflowExample`.


  • Obviously, it would have been better with some custom artwork, some sounds, and a lot more animations.
  • Note that the arcade library requires OpenGL 3.3 and thus won't currently run on a Raspberry Pi.


Install Python 3.9.7. I used pyenv on a Mac, but you can do whatever suits you:

brew update && brew upgrade
pyenvpyenv install 3.9.7
# Restarted my shell.

Setup a virtualenv using the right version of Python. I used pyenv, but that's optional:

pyenv global 3.9.7
python --version
python -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/pyweek32-neverending
pyenv global system
python --version

Go to where you uncompressed the code and install requirements:

cd pyweek32-neverending
. ~/.virtualenvs/pyweek32-neverending/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt


. ~/.virtualenvs/pyweek32-neverending/bin/activate


git clone
cd pyweek32-neverending
. ~/.virtualenvs/pyweek32-neverending/bin/activate
make help
make setup_githooks
make iterate

Entrant: jjinux


Entrant: bsenst

Cowboys vs Pirates

A bunch of deluded individuals who think for some reason they can complete a game this year despite their efforts in previous competitions.

An absolutely illogical, chaotic Pyweek game created by the 'Lukewarm Strawberries' -> scott, jttofu, jnruan, thatsokay

What started with a discussion about trains ended up becoming a joke about trains fighting pirate ships... which ended up becoming this. We hope you enjoy this small game of ours and it amuses someone other than us. May your scores be high in this neverending battle. Share your high scores if you like :)

Be sure to check the readme file to find out how to play this game!

Team: scott, jttofu, jnruan

Scotch Games

Might be alone this time but I'll do my best as always.

(Hoping to not be alone though)

Entrant: ano002

Mary Go Round

Neverending Merry-Go-Round. You play as "Mary", and you "Go Round".

Entrant: thp

Space Beast

  • — Space Beast Game, with all its resources and complete code.

Entrant: abubakarmulla

Temporal Anomaly

When Captain Aurora Stars arrives on a derelict science ship, she finds herself trapped in a never-ending time loop: Can she use her knowledge of the loop to defeat her arch-nemesis, save the day and escape?

Requires: Python Arcade, Pygame and Pymunk

(tested on Arcade 2.5.5, pygame 1.96 and pymunk 6.0.0: should be OK on other versions? :) )

pip install arcade pygame pymunk

Version 2 (Final Game) includes a bug-fix for panel text not rendering correctly on all systems.

Game playing notes:

  • Once in-game, press ESC to pause and see both controls and any in-game notes: if you get stuck, the notes should tell you both what you need to do next and any crucial information you might have mis-heard or forgotten.
  • I've experienced a few issues with Arcade/user input latencies with a macbook trackpad, but seems to be no problems with the mouse: so suggest you use a mouse if you have a similar issue!

Game Play-through:

Entrant: mit-mit


Please play and rate v2 if you are using pygame 2.0+. v1 has a bug (thanks to mauve for reporting it!) that causes some game objects to not appear in pygame 2.0. Other than the bugfix the gameplay is identical between versions, so if you're on pygame 1.9 then v1 should be fine too.

Snake-like action game about eating your own tail. Control with keyboard. I recommend completing Adventure mode, it's basically a tutorial, and should take about 15 minutes. Endless mode is much harder after a few stages, and you should feel free to judge the game without trying it. Press Esc in the game for options and help, and check out the README for strategy tips. Thanks for trying it out!

How it fits the theme: This game's central mechanic is inspired by the ouroboros, a symbol representing infinity and eternity.

Entrant: Cosmologicon


We are very skilled progammers who each have 60+years of experience with python and have been full stack devs since before cars were invented. We even helped program the first ever video game called chess.

Team: tbooy, Vr2021, sophie_cheng

Interstate Neverending

Post-apocalyptic #vanlife simulator. Continuing down the endless highway is hard, but anyone who stays in one place for too long...

Trying to load a gun appears to crash the game, so... don't do that, I guess. They're not very useful in any of the events that are implemented in the competition version of the game anyway.

Entrant: schilcote

Aaaaaa! Make It Stop!

Aaaaaa! Make It Stop!

The neverending game of political intrigue. Something or someone has sabotaged the collective intelligence of humanity, causing a temporal anomaly. As our hero, stuck in an infinite time loop where past, present, and future collide, point and click your way through the repeating day to find the key to unlock the mystery of the evil, defeat your foes, shatter the temporal anomaly and, most importantly, Make It Stop!

Team: DR0ID, gummbum, tabishrfx, chomouri, shadowwarrior

Fable Loop


The game is quite difficult, but it has a great ending, so it is worth playing.

The game lacks music, I didn't have time to find the right music.

Characters have cool assets, but floor walls and others don't.

Game Play

You can see a game paly of my game here: YouTube Video


It was only tested on two computers (Windows)

Python 3.7.3 and pygame 2.0.0

Python 3.9.1 and pygame 2.0.1

How to Play

At first, you can change the hero's name, just delete the name and write your own. To advance press Enter in the menu. You can also see the name of the villain and the name of the fallen heroes.

Move to the left: 'a' key or Left arrow

Move to the right: 'd' key or Right arrow

Jump: 'w' key or Up arrow

Attack: Space

Interact: 'e' key

You can interact with the king, princess, stairs (white rectangle) and levers (white square)

The king and princess will speak to you. Press 'e' for the next dialog box.

Levers can activate doors or stairs.

Stairs make it easy to go Up or Down.

If the hero dies, all the changes he made, such as opening the door, will not go away.

If the game gets too difficult, you can press 'v' and that will give you 100 in life.






Thanks for Playing

Entrant: RicBin


First time doing game dev or any type of art; going to figure it out as I go!

Entrant: BeefxThief


making  a video game for pyweek 32. also this is my first pyweek.

Entrant: copperhead

Cockroach : forever

This Is my first time programming with other people. I have programmed in the past. I can't wait to work with whoever wants to work with me on this Pyweek game :)

Post-production :
Fortunately the game was completed in time and uploaded 10 minutes before the end of this Pyweek.

The game is a top-down shooter. You play in it as a caveman and you need for ancient cockroach to go away. When you fail or win, you will control another caveman.

The game comes with only 4 levels but you can try to make more there a README with the controls of the editor.

I Hope you will love the game.

You need Pygame and python 3.9 to play this game.

Display size

to change how large or small will be the game use settings.txt file in the GAME directory.

goal : kill the cockroaches

and don't get hit by the green projectile.


to move towards the mouse 

esc to exit. 

press shoot to shoot

shoot is left click.

Team: Monsterrreporte, FALCON, Sinistersans, Intense, catornot, ManavKhanwani, Alex_Zorakin, tabishrfx, Phantom_Ace

Plants vs. Fungi

A turn-based roguelite deck builder.

Entrant: Quikli


I participated last year in PYxel trio and i decided to try this challenge alone this time. I hope this challenge will help me to improve my programming skills and i will learn something new. I will try to keep you updated about my progress every day.

Entrant: Untriex