September 2021 challenge

75 entries


Hi im Ashdev1010 a 13 year old who loves programming in many languages especially in python

Entrant: Ashdev1010


We are very skilled progammers who each have 60+years of experience with python and have been full stack devs since before cars were invented. We even helped program the first ever video game called chess.

Team: tbooy, Vr2021, sophie_cheng

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Entrant: Dihydrogen

Banana Labs

Banana Lab's entry for PyWeek 32!

Team: karx, SorrowEater

First Timers

idiots trying to make their first game.

Team: Extro, sticbic


This Is my first time programming with other people. I have programmed in the past. I can't wait to work with whoever wants to work with me on this Pyweek game :)

Team: Monsterrreporte, Alex_Zorakin, catornot, FALCON, Sinistersans, Intense, ManavKhanwani, tabishrfx  (Join this team?)

Cragon Coding

Coding done by Samuel Price.

I have been coding for 6 years now, love maths, programming, and a good challenge.

Enjoy everyone : )

Entrant: Cragon2409

Team Terrible

 Some dumb teens being dumb and teen

Team: LargAnk, Yourself

To be decided

Hello, This is team newbies basically all newbies are in my team its our first time :D

Team: Chara98, SCC_Geodesic, Trilogical, aryan_noob, Rei, PiDPyd, Jason11ookJJ, stonesteel, FALCON, Thamidu, ManavKhanwani, tushiDev  (Join this team?)


This is my first time in PyWeek, and I'm still learning Python.

I plan on making some type of 2d game for this time's PyWeek.

I hope that I can at least get the hang of game making through this!

Entrant: Sinistersans


First gamejam, most likely gonna use pygame, yeah.

Entrant: Hexabean


Team: vinam, hsp

this my first game jam yolo

this my first game jam yolo 

Entrant: walkerbalker52


Entrant: Matthgeek

I guess we'll see what theme is

This is gonna be interesting

Team: VeinyAngus, wutwut  (Join this team?)

Ey, solo solo!

from python import game

Entrant: GENESiS



Entrant: RicBin



Entrant: speedlimit35



Entrant: TechFellow



Entrant: Gaming32


A bunch of deluded individuals who think for some reason they can complete a game this year despite their efforts in previous competitions.

Team: scott, jttofu, jnruan


Hi! I love to code, and I am very excited to work and compete with other code lovers! Anyone is free to join my group.

Entrant: Silverwool  (Join this team?)

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I dont think theres a limit for team description so... 
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Nullam a urna luctus, ullamcorper sapien id, convallis ex. Suspendisse in dui congue, aliquam libero non, vehicula lacus. Aenean velit nibh, aliquam et lectus vitae, lacinia volutpat leo. Morbi accumsan mollis vulputate. Nunc aliquet gravida diam facilisis faucibus. Donec interdum eleifend ornare. Vestibulum egestas mollis volutpat. Sed consequat blandit mauris, ac facilisis orci ornare at. Sed ac lectus arcu.

Entrant: not_spirantsum2


Hi, I am a intermediate python programmer, I am open to people who have a minimum of intermediate python skills, and a will to cooperate and work diligently with the team. (And know/learn pygame before the jam starts)

Entrant: dot_py


Entrant: Tee


We're sorry, but the requested page could not be found.

Entrant: Zuzu_Typ


First time trying to create a python game.

Entrant: flyladyhawke


First Pyweek or Python game jam entry. I'm relatively new. Have been on and off coding for 3 years, but have started learning PyGame over the last 2 months. Might add more people later.

Entrant: MechAssassin99

Miracle Mile

One man band. New to game development. Ready to win….

Entrant: Ultramega

[insert game name here]


Team: jonowo, PunnyBunny, L3ungj, JarvisGaming, DGQS, Eason, HamburgerBoi, WA_OnTest2


Entrant: Vanquished  (Join this team?)



Entrant: schilcote

Knotty Kaa

If you are looking for cool knotty developers of knotty KKK titles here - your knotty path here will be knotty completed by a knot. It is tied with a knotted node, like a knot on a knot developer's knot

Team: Dudnikov, rikovmike, Juna_Gala


Welcome to Void / Nothing

This will be my 2nd Game Jam that I've done. In fact those are the only two jams I have ever done. I wish a print("Good Luck") to everyone that is participating in the Jam!!

Entrant: Intense

Mother steps never poison sushi

I'm here to write bad code and have fun

Entrant: Cody


Entrant: CoopERR


Panda3D hooraay!

Entrant: zwerver


Entrant: vctrd


Entrant: sihc


No idea yet. Looking forward to bashing out some code

Entrant: coen


Hoping to make a good game.

Entrant: Gato

Project Leviathan

Looking forward to write some game code. :) Wish you all a great deal of fun.

Entrant: Alzi


Yay PyWeek!

Entrant: mit-mit

Essay Formatting

When you’re assigned an essay, using the correct essay formatting is important for earning full credit. After all of the hard work you put into writing the essay, you’ll want to avoid losing points on format. Although formatting seems complicated, it’s simpler than it looks. First, you’ll set up your document and create your header. Then, you’ll write the body of your paper. If you’re using sources, you’ll also want to properly format your references.

Entrant: kim007

Starship Sashimi


Entrant: mauve


making  a video game for pyweek 32. also this is my first pyweek.

Entrant: copperhead


Entrant: OrionDark7


This will be my first time writing a Python game. I'm not sure what done looks like, but I look forward to having a week to work on it. 

Entrant: jefftriplett

Anate Team

I'm here to have some fun and learn a little more :) 

Entrant: Shyr


  File "<stdin>", line 1     import meaning_of_life IndentationError: unexpected indent

Entrant: EllipticBike38


Entrant: Sub

Scotch Games

Might be alone this time but I'll do my best as always.

(Hoping to not be alone though)

Entrant: ano002

The Game Makers

A normal Programmer with one year of experience 

Entrant: Prathamesh


Entrant: bsenst


Entrant: kutiekatj9

The Game

I have no idea what I'm doing third time in a row. This time solo :-)

Entrant: VV0JCIECH


First time doing game dev or any type of art; going to figure it out as I go!

Entrant: BeefxThief


we love the jeeraf (making a game about jeeraf with pygame or ursina engine or even kivy)

Team: Monsterrreporte, catornot, FALCON, ArL1oM, ManavKhanwani  (Join this team?)


Signing up for the game jam

Entrant: ohallaatme