What the game looks like

Infinity Slasher

CodeBoi when he's participating alone without the hood (PythonixCoders).


W and S to move between platforms, A and D to move horizontally, Space to Jump and Enter to Sword Slash.


If you wish to download and run the game from the source, please download the source code zip file, open the Godot project (instructions in README.md), go to the AssetLib tab, and download and install the "PythonScript" (not "PythonScript-Pypy") addon. After installing the addon, restart Godot and reopen the project and you're good to go.

If you get any dependency errors on opening the project before installing the addon just hit "Close".

The addon was not included with the source because of codesigning issues on multiple machines.



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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.6

Respondents: 5


File Uploader Date
Final Entry Source Code
MysteryCoder456 2021/09/25 10:31
Linux Binary
MysteryCoder456 2021/09/25 06:12
Windows Binary
MysteryCoder456 2021/09/25 06:11
What the game looks like
MysteryCoder456 2021/09/24 16:37

Diary Entries

Relearning pygame :p

I started working on my game a day after the challenge started. I had to look up how to use pygame again since i hadn't used it in a very long time, but I have faith i will be able to make something before the challenge ends.

I'm going to make an infinite side scrolling game featuring a swordsman looking to get to his arch nemesis. Little does he know that their journey is neverending.

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Deciding to use Godot Python

Relearning pygame seemed like too much of an undertaking in this short amount of time. I couldn't do what I wanted to do with my game in pygame. So, I decided to switch to Godot, something I'm much familiar with and used to, for PyWeek. Of course, I'm using Python to code game logic (or am I? (I am please don't disqualify me hehe)).

Now that I'm using an Engine I'm much more comfortable with I can finally start making actual progress with PyWeek 32 :D

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Made the main character and infinite side scrolling

Made some good progress yesterday while juggling school work and PyWeek.

I've made a main character with a state machine and animations. Also made three levels of platforms that the player will be able to jump up/down to to avoid enemies and traps, which will be added later. I think that making sound effects will be a little difficult, as I've never worked with SFX before. But hey there's a first time for everything.

I'm going to start working on a parallax background and enemies.

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Made good progress today!

So yesterday I managed to make a parallax background, which was very easy to do. I also made a few magic floating orbs as enemies that shot lasers at the player.

Today, I've added the ability to switch between the three platforms and added horizontal movement so the player can avoid the lasers. However, I originally did not intend for the game to have any horizontal player movement.

Also, another cool thing I decided to add was particles! Whenever the player moves between platforms or the orbs shoot a laser, there are cool particles thanks to Godot's particle system.

I would say that I've made some good progress in these last two days.

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Starting to look like a proper game

I've added some more stuff this morning. Namely, Orbs can now die with a cool particle effect and a HUD to show the health and score. Player death is also working now. Here's a video of what I've made so far!

What's remaining is a catchy menu screen and sound fx + music.

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Almost finished

Almost done with my game, yay! I've added the main menu as well. Just have to add some finishing touches like music and sound effects, which is the part I was dreading the most. I'm gonna try the SFX on my own with a guitar.

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PyWeek Coming To An End...

This PyWeek was loads of fun. This was the second game jam I've ever participated in, the first one being PyWeek29.

Juggling schoolwork while working on my game was, weirdly enough, stressful in a fun way. I learned about using Python with Godot, and also that Godot is just better off with GDScript lmao. I'm done with the finishing touches for my game and it's ready to be submitted.

Good luck to all the other entrants and I hope they had just as much fun as me!

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